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Eco-green hotels:

Eco-green hotels are those hotels which are meant for recreating and refreshing the visitors and also maintaining the ecological balance and saving the greenery. It is not only advantageous to the man but also the environment. We love the natural beauty. Hence by providing all the recreating services, eco-friendly hotels also tend to save our planet and atmosphere.

Ways to become eco-green or eco friendly:

*Hotels can make cloth laundry bags using retired sheets.
*Solar energy can be used for lighting and heating water for hotels.
*By buying or making some inexpensive cloth napkins instead of thousands of paper napkins.
*Reusing broken or worn resources for other purposes
*Creating areas for recycling and sorting trash from the waste in the hotel.
*By buying food and guest amenities in bulk.
*By providing bicycle to guests.
*An incentive program to encourage the staff participation in improving environmental -friendly practices.
*By donating the leftover amenities, furniture and appliances to charitable trust.

*By offering discounts to sustainable environmental organizations who would like to hold meetings at the hotels.

Ways to become visitor friendly:

*Visitors like eco-green hotels because of its cost efficiency.
*Guest really admires the idea of environmental conservation.
*Visitors like the entertainment and recreation in a natural place as that is more refreshing to do everything in green lodging.
*Visitors also get learn as to how can they conserve the environment in their personal lives.
*They get fresh air to breathe and the peace of mind which they hardly find in the hustle and bustle of the city.
*They know it's not only good for them but also beneficial in maintaining the ecological balance and greenery on earth.

Need of the hour:

With the drastic and alarming increase in all kinds of pollutions it is not only advisable but also advantageous for hotels and other different sectors to become environmental friendly. They should promote the idea of environmental conservation to maintain the ecological balance, save greenery and maintain greenhouse effect on earth. More we plant trees more we help to reduce the global warming and help the ecology to be balanced. Hotels should adopt the following effective measures to turn into eco-friendly hotels:-

*Emphasize on the environmental conservation.
*By promoting ecological practices and sustainability.
*By considering the needs of the surrounding and the local community.
*By improving and developing environmental activities.
*By imparting information on ways to improve environmental condition to the staff members.

Green Hotel certification:

There is a globally recognized green certification program designed by the UN and the respective government certification partners specifically for resorts and hotels. Green certification awarding is done based on a point system. They reward you with a gold, silver or bronze crown green certification providing them the choice to grow accordingly or change the entire operation immediately. You get the opportunity to advertise yourself as eco-green hotel while the green certification is going on.

Criterion for the assessment of eco-green hotels:

*Consumption and conservation of water and other forms of energy.
*Handling and recycling of waste production
*Interior and furniture building
*Education and services to the guest
*Health of the visitors
*Local economical issues

Finally it can be concluded from the above discussion that eco-green hotels not only entertain the human needs but also benefit the environment by the conservation of energy and the utilization of resources. It is a wonderful step in making man and the environment compatible to each other and eventually in saving the mother earth.

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