Eco friendly products: Go green, save earth

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As the population of this world is increasing, managing non-biodegradable wastes is becoming a challenge for us. Such waste not only degrades land and water resources but also accumulates over years and poses a threat to the balance of the life-cycle. This in turn can be extremely harmful for all forms of life. An alternative to these products is to use eco friendly products in our day-to-day life. Such products are not only bio degradable but also environment-friendly.

One such product is eco-friendly paint. The original paint uses thousands of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to health and are the not only the causes of headaches and nausea but their prolonged use can give birth to various deadly diseases including cancer, asthma etc. The degradable paints are made up of thinners, waxes and colors that are derived from trees and plants. Some examples are sesame oil, bees wax, citrus extracts, fruits colors etc. These paints have zero volatile organic content, are odorless and are safer to be used for those who have skin allergies.

Handmade paper is one of the best eco friendly products that have gained immense popularity these days. This paper is used to replace the plastic-made products. As all of us know, it takes a very long time to degrade. It continues to pollute the soil as long as it is present and is more harmful for the aquatic life as it can choke them to death. So it is advisable to use paper which reduces the environment pollution by 70%.

One of the green environmental products that can be incorporated in the day-to-day life is eco-friendly furniture that is made up of recyclable materials like straw whose design can be changed again and again any number of times. Such furniture helps saving the consumption of wood which is already in shortage and requires felling of trees. Wheat-husk, wrought iron, and various types of polywood are utilized to make eco friendly products.

Another way to go green is to use handicraft items instead of leather or wooden ones. Jute, husk, cotton fabrics etc. are the excellent green environmental products that can replace other non-biodegradable products. Another way to conserve energy resources and minimize environmental pollution is to use solar energy that is pollution-free and comes at zero cost. Use of Solar water heater, solar panels, and solar-cooker must be encouraged specially in hot climatic areas where solar energy can be synthesized almost daily. Use of green environmental products can solve the global warming problem to a great extend.

One of another way to lessen the burden on natural resources is to use eco-vehicles that ensure pollution-free environment as they do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. General vehicles that use other energy resources not only degrade the surroundings but are also health hazards after they get contaminated.

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