Ebooks In Full Color - The Artistry Behind Ebooks

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In Cyberspace, multimedia is King. Entertainment, information and education get served with multimedia that is not only a sensory delight but is interactive, intuitive and easy to access anywhere on the planet and from any internet device. One multimedia denizen is the eBook, the electronic book that has taken the reading public to a new way of acquiring, reading and storing their favorite book titles.

The internet is full of articles extolling the benefits of eBooks over conventional printed books. Things like being eco-friendly and saving the trees form being pounded into pulp sound great but that's really nothing compared to the whole new educational experience that eBooks hold.

Ebooks Take Flight Thanks To The Kindle

Veteran eBook readers already recognize the promise. They've been reading reference manuals with animated Flash and GIF files illustrating in visuals how an engine works in eBook car manuals or how the human bodily systems work in ebook medical journals.

Since 2009 when the Amazon Kindle took flight to become the most popular mobile reading device of eBooks, there has been a remarkable upsurge in downloading free eBooks from countless online publishers and digital libraries that have sprouted as a result of the Kindle craze.

But as anybody knows, the Kindle is monochromatic. It displays books like any book page on an 'electronic paper' screen that unlike the usual LCD backlighting, reflects light to mimic what you see on printed paper and are a lot easier on the eyes. It even requires a table lamp at night when reading, just like any printed book. While this accounted much of its success, nothing beats full color eBooks on full color screens.

Full Color Is The Way To Go

As any TV couch potato will tell you, black and white is a bore. Same goes with computer screens. Nothing beats full glorious color in 16 million hues at high resolution. That's the aim of eBook readers with the Kindle simply starting out like the first consumer television and computer sets. It is not surprising that a new generation of eBook readers is coming out in color. The Apple iPad is one of them, though not specifically meant as an eBook reader.

But for people now going into eBook production, be they amateurs or professionals, the full color eBook is the way to go. While files sizes get bigger, it's not as if we are living in the late 90s when memory sizes and internet bandwidths are expensive. Today, broadband internet speeds and high storage memory cards for mobile computing gadgets have become quite affordable and there's as yet no limit to where they can go farther up.

Full-color eBooks in PDF file formats are typically large and can rival high bitrate MP3 files that often go above 15 MB files sizes. But that's nothing compared with the High Definition 720p movie files already being downloaded over broadband connections into millions of home entertainment systems. A typical HD movie file can reach up to 12 GB that can take hours to download. So color eBooks files that can reach a mere 50mb files sizes are not a problem.

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