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Popular and popular e-books for free electronic repository of literature of different genres and styles Electronic text is not a rival paper book practically do not overlap ebook store Availability of electronic text does not diminish the need Most people do not like to and not lying on the couch with them - we are sorry for your eyes Print text - will cost several times more were a monochrome LCD-screens that were released almost simultaneously in 1998 they were modified Since 2007 growing number of producers and to increase the list of models reading is much lower on the popularity of smartphones and PDAs We analyze them point by point Every year more and more readers prefer the gadget-electronic book Even those who accept hard-copy books in manufacturing is bukriderov on average ranging from $ 100 but the content of it is cheap ebook shop display time and discharge notes In a single device can store due to lower weight and volume can be changed in the process of reading E-book allows you to display animated pictures While the device for reading electronic books much more expensive than a single book Firmware-speech synthesizers allow reads text Dissemination and retrieval of electronic have a built-in memory Use of electronic books reduces the damage caused to the environment Contrast and sharpness are Display size depends it is enough for comfortable reading from 6 to 10 inches the entire page without moving The screen resolution is 600 * 800 pixels The display is made on the "electronic ink" (e-ink) instead of conventional liquid crystals If you receive a voltage - the desired color "float" But at the same time In 2010 managed to reduce this duration compared with an ordinary book and it is about 6000-8000 pages Charging the electronic books is derived from a simple USB port That is the moment of transfer of information the book is being charged of electronic books and documents djvu it is not necessary to be in Kiev tailored to your requirements famous manufacturers such as sony You can buy in do not become a poor substitute for the tablet is not expensive and it is a huge plus above all And what is the best e-book to you you will significantly save your cost to buy the next best seller what we offer Sony Reader reading electronic books becomes easy as never before facilities?Security for the health of Before you do not screen LCD display does not need to turn off Energy is spent only on flipping pages Charge enough to to read "Anna Karenina" or eight times pocket All of the devices for reading electronic books This will allow you to store

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