Easy to Make Baked Bean Recipes

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A baked bean is a delicious dish that has beans in it. The best baked bean recipes usually have three or more kinds of beans in it. Some of the best baked bean recipes include the version from Boston and the Vegetarian version. The best baked bean recipes can be made using an oven or a crockpot.

1. Boston's baked bean recipe - This is one of the best baked bean recipes. This is how the people from Boston make their popular version of this dish.


a. two cups of navy beans
b. one half pound of chopped bacon
c. one diced onion
d. three tablespoons of molasses
e. two teaspoons of salt
f. one fourth teaspoon of black pepper
g. one fourth teaspoon of mustard
h. one half cup of ketchup
i. one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
j. one fourth cup of brown sugar

Cooking Procedure:

Soak the beans for five hours in cold water. Put the beans in a pot and simmer it for two hours. Then drain it but keep the water. Heat up the oven to three hundred twenty five degreed Fahrenheit. Place the beans in a two quart casserole. Put the bacon and onion on the first layer then put some beans on the second layer. Then put the bacon layer again and top it again with the beans. In another pot put the molasses, pepper, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire, brown sugar and ketchup. Let it boil first and put the mixture over the casserole with the beans and put some of the water then cover it with an aluminum foil. Bake it for four hours until you see that the beans become soft.

2. Vegetarian's baked bean recipe - This is one of the best baked bean recipes ideal for vegetarians who want to enjoy baked beans without any meat.


a. two and a half cups of kidney beans that has been soaked for four hours
b. one third cup of molasses
c. one fourth cup of brown sugar
d. one tablespoon of mustard
e. one fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper
f. one teaspoon of Bakon yeast
g. two teaspoons of tamari
h. two onions chopped
i. two bay leaves
j. three cloves of garlic
k. one teaspoon of salt
l. pepper

Cooking Procedure:

Soak the beans throughout the night for four to five hours. Drain the water and put new water on it. Let it boil for five minutes then remove the water again. Mix the sugar, mustard, molasses, tamari and yeast in one large bowl. Add the soaked beans with the onions, garlic, onions, bay leaves, pepper and salt. Put them all in the crockpot and put some water. Cook it in low heat for eight hours until the beans become soft. Do not let it dry out so add water if necessary.

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