Easy to make Arts and Crafts for Kids

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Kiddie parties should be lively and full of fun activities. Youngsters these days are so addicted to simply playing video games. It's a shame that these children lose out other creative activities. It's about time they get their creative juices pumping! Turn off those computers, stuff them in the closet and start a party they will never forget. Try these kiddie arts and crafts with your young ones and have fun yourself.

1) Easy homemade party cupcakes

Simply make regular or chocolate cupcakes. Let the children make their own toppings by supplying them icing in a variety of colors like blue, red, white and green. To make the cupcakes unique, add more decorations like sugar flowers, gum drops, chocolate chips or fresh fruits. What's best is that they get to eat or bring home their cupcake creations. It's best that you arrange a sizeable work space for this as things will get messy.

2) Green gardening

One good way to keep the children occupied and to promote caring for the environment is to have a gardening event. Prepare small pots, soil, seedlings/ plants, paint and paint brushes. Choose gardening tools that are good for little hands like hand shovels, latex gloves and watering cans. Provide a work area where the kids can paint and design their pots. Let them to fill the pots with dirt and seedlings, encouraging them to care for their plants so they will grow. These are perfect party souvenirs that children will enjoy for months to come.

3) Customized fashion flip-flops

This next idea is aimed to develop the fashion expert in the child. Provide the children with some inexpensive flip-flops in various colors and sizes. From gift supply store, you can purchase some ribbons, glue gun and a variety of trimmings. Trimmings can range from flower accents, gemstones, beads and feathers. It really all depends on the theme of the party. At the work area, allow the children to select their flip-flops and decorations. Always supervise them when they are using glue guns but let them choose the decorations they want for their flip-flops. This is a unique art and craft project they can actually wear.

4) Homemade kiddie accesories

Many children like to wear accessories. From your favorite art shop, simply purchase a beading set for kids that will allow them to make customized necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even key chains. One great tip is to find "letter beads" which they can use to spell-out different names. This is a fun activity that kids will surely enjoy. What's more is that they can make a number of accessories that they can proudly present to their moms or dads.

Don't forget, kid parties are all about enjoyment. Provide kids with original and delightful things they will need to make your party a successful arts and crafts event.

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