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If you've been to Branson shows in the past, you may be postponing a return trip. It wasn't that you didn't have a good time; it's just that the two- or three-hour drive from the nearest airport was such a hassle.

That nightmare is over, thank goodness. The city of Branson has built a new airport that is only 10 minutes from all your favorite venues. Imagine: you can get off the plane and immediately head to the Dinner Adventure or one of the other great shows without being overtired from your trip.

The new airport sits on 900 acres and was opened in 2009 to help with the eight million people who visit the city each year. The runway can handle mid-sized aircraft, including Boeing 737s and 757s.

Currently, there are several economy-priced airlines that travel to Branson: Air Tran Airways, Branson AirExpress, and Frontier Airlines. Visitors can catch flights on these airlines from Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Gulfport/Biloxi, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Orlando, and Shreveport. And, most of the time, it's easy to get a flight from your hometown to any of these major cities.

Visitors can get rental cars from Enterprise Rental Cars. Other amenities are available through the airport's "concierge-quality" customer service. Airport officials have said they intend customer service at the airport to be second to none. You can even buy tickets to Branson shows right in the terminal.

Branson's new airport is unique because it is the first commercial airport to be privately owned. The city of Branson collects $8.40 for each person arriving via the airport, about $2 million per year. Otherwise, all profits go to the original investors. Taney County has the right to operate the airport for 45 years, and after that operations may revert to the investors, Branson Airport, LLC.

What does private ownership mean for you? You may find minor, and more pleasant, differences from other airports because the Branson Airport is generally free from the restrictions imposed as a result of accepting federal funding. For one thing, the airport currently has exclusive contracts for the three airlines, meaning that others will not be joining them for the moment. This will mean stable pricing because the airlines won't have to resort to "suicide pricing" to get fares. Passengers like you won't have to be constantly watching travel bidding sites to get the best fare.

That means you can spend your pre-travel time considering which Branson show tickets to buy. With 47 theaters in the area, that can be a tough call to make, especially because many of those theaters offer multiple shows. For example, the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre is home to the Russian comedian's stand-up show, Yakov Smirnoff's Dinner Adventure, and the Osmond Brothers show. Fortunately, the airport's staff will be on hand to help you make your selection. Most of the employees at the airport work for the airport, rather than the airlines, so they know the area.

When you visit the Ozarks, you come to relax and see Branson shows. You don't want a lot of hassle. Isn't it nice to know that your vacation will be easier with a brand new modern airport?

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