Easter A4 Cards

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Kids are quite hard to please these days. Most of them are hyperactive and they would hardly stay in one corner for five good minutes. They are restless and they have very short attention span. This is why parties come as a challenge nowadays. Knowing how hyper kids are today, it would be hard to think of a better solution or party program that would keep the kids at bay.

Since Easter is coming, organizing an Easter party is indeed one difficult task. Sure the kids would definitely enjoy the Easter egg hunt but after the hunting activity, what would they do? You should come up with something to keep this children interested and so as they would not be bored in your special Easter treat party.

This may come off as boring and something that children would not do, but believe me, once you executed this one properly, you wouldn’t have to worry a thing! Kids may be hyperactive alright but once you leave them with something to do, something that would challenge them, you could all keep them in one table peacefully together.

One of the best Easter party activity is to have an arts and crafts table that would entice children to make some eggs and baby chicks for Easter. Children would surely be attracted to the idea if you could come up with a very beautiful sample egg and chick output for your art table. In order to make a very beautiful output even if you are a novice in the arts and crafts, it would be helpful if you would use colored A4 card.

A4 cards are already tried and tested through the years as the best material when it comes to art projects. It never fails to provide any art project a good output and finished product. It works like a magic paper where anyone could easily become a professional when it comes to paper crafts.

Of course, this is not as magical as it seem, you would have to do your share of the work as well. Here are some simple instructions that you should follow carefully in order to come up with the perfect Easter presents!

For the eggs, draw it in an A4 card, cut it and use it as a template. You can decorate your egg with a collage of colored paper, tissue, cellophane, sparkly material and dots. It is sure to look fabulous when displayed onto a dark background! As for the baby chicks, use some sponge and yellow paint to create the chick in an A4 card. Add the eyes, beak and wings using a black marker.

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