Easier Mechanical Annotations with Power Dimension in ZWCAD Mechanical

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Recently, I got a chance to try some new software from ZWSOFT called ZWCAD Mechanical . I was pleasantly surprised at the power of its annotation capabilities, especially the Power Dimension function that I have been using frequently in another program, AutoCAD Mechanical. In a short time, I have come to like Power Dimension, because of the way it simplifies the task of annotating mechanical drawings.

Let me give you a tour of the genius of Power Dimension in ZWCAD Mechanical. With Power Dimension, I can draw eight types of dimensions through a single command, which I access by typing ZwPowerDim at the command prompt, or enter the shortcut key D, or choose from the ribbon's Mechanical Design tab, or from the classic ZWCAD Mechanical Dimension menu.

Power Dimension includes the following dimensions: Angle, Baseline, Continuous, Horizontal, Vertical, Aligned, Diameter, and Radius, as shown by figure 1.

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