Ease of Dial In Do Not Disturb

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Your inbound service team members may be part of various hunt groups or queues. If a team member wishes to log in and out of a particular Hunt Group or a Queue without going through the eConsole call management system, he or she can do so by dialling a Toggle number from his or her destination. This is called Dial In Do Not Disturb Service.

When employees are on the move, are in remote locations or when companies employ staff to work from home and pay them based on the number of calls that are handled, this feature comes in handy. The main advantage of this feature is that users can instantly add or remove themselves from hunt groups and queues without having to go through the eConsole. When a user calls the Do Not Disturb number for the first time, he or she will hear the message “Do not disturb is now on.” The second time the number is dialled, the message will say that the do not disturb is now off. The do not dial number is basically used to toggle between logging into the hunt groups and queues assigned to the user.

When a particular destination is on the “Do Not Disturb” mode, it will still appear in the hunt group or queue while viewing the call management console, but the system will treat that particular destination as if it is not there. Therefore calls will not be routed to that destination. If all the destination numbers in a particular hunt group are on Do Not Disturb mode, the call will be routed to the next level of the hunt group.

Case Study on Dial In Do Not Disturb

Blomberg Solutions have employed 20 home based staff members. They work from home rather than commute to a central office everyday. The business then decides to distribute the responsibility of answering inbound calls to these 20 home based employees. How can that be done?

A hunt group with the home and mobile numbers of all the employees must be created. Then design a rota system where at least two people are always available to answer calls. The employees can log in and out of the hunt group by dialling a Do Not Disturb toggle number from their homes. The employees can even leave home while they are on duty. All they need to do is log out of their home number and log in to their mobile number while on the move.

Dial-In Do-Not-Disturb is available on all service plans of Numbertalk.

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