Earth- My Future is in Your Hand

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Earth is the wonderful planet, where the resources are in abundance and it is the fifth largest planet of the solar system. It was the only place where there is a possibility to survive, and the age of or earth is 4.5 billion years. The future of our earth is at risk because day by day, the ultraviolet rays get increased and even big glaciers are melting. Predictions are there as if the life of the earth is going to end soon. I don't know whether it is true or not, but signals are predicting that as if it is going to get destroyed. Our forefathers have mentioned that the third time the world is going to get destroyed by water. It is 100%true and the perfect example is a tsunami that happened in Asian countries.

Day by day the rays from the sun are getting increased and due to it the Glacier Mountains are getting melted, so the ratio of water in the earth gets increased. Already, earth is a place where the water content is more than the land surface, so this time it is sure that the world will get destroyed by water. What is the reason for this? Have anyone ever thought of it and it is because of human beings. We destroyed the earth for our selfishness and what a fate is, that still we are not aware of it. We pollute the earth in all means and the main reason for global warming is pollution. We pollute in all ways by air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Global warming gets increased day by day and there are many predictions for how global warming will impact the planet, depending on how severely the temperatures rise across the globe. We face the severe climatic change with increased UV rays from the suns. Many rare species and animals are endangered and also, we lost most of the earth’s resources due to global warming.

So, this is the right time, at least we can save our earth little and can postpone the destruction of earth. So my fellow beings please save our earth from global warming and show the good earth for our future generation. So just love your earth and save our earth from global warming.

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