Eagle figurines are not only patriotic, they're valuable collector's items too.

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The eagle is the United States' national symbol of freedom. Although Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be the national symbol due to the bird's “excellent character,” he was voted down and the eagle, the symbol of Imperial Rome, was selected instead. Seeing a bald eagle soaring across the sky is truly one of the most awe-inspiring sights in nature, but you can recreate that image indoors when you add eagle sculpture to your home collectables collection.

The eagle is a patriotic symbol, and this is something that is often built into
eagle statues that you may find available for sale. Other patriotic symbols, such as the American flag, have been added by the artist who created the figurine so that you will see both symbols displayed proudly.
While many eagle sculptures are ceramic, artists have also created glass features. The glass used is often done in beautiful hues, giving the figurine a stained glass appearance. Picture the image of the glorious American flag emblazoned across the body or wings of the bald eagle. Each color of the flag's red, white and blue stands out against the ceramic body of the bald eagle, making a striking and artistic contrast that is very appealing.

In some renditions, you will have glass eagle wings that have an American flag with the Statue of Liberty also pictured in the foreground, with the edges of the wings' lined in black, to bring out the wing feather details while providing a visual frame for the stunning glass artwork depicted within. In addition, the ceramic is painted so that the eagle is represented in life-like colors, combining to embody to the perfect artistic vision in select eagle figurines.

The base of the statue will vary, depending upon the look the artist wishes to achieve. The eagle might be flying over a rushing stream or waterfall, or might be on a tree limb. All of the bases on the figurines are sturdy, offering a balanced and flat surface for it to lay on your favorite desk or bookcase.
As collectors of figurines know, eagle figurines can also be valuable. When you have amassed a collection of undamaged figurines, and have kept the original packaging, you will very often have a prize that is worth several hundred dollars were you to sell them at market.

You can find these and other figurines for sale from online collectables vendors.

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