Dyson Cleaners - The Best Vacuum Cleaner

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Devoted Dyson Followers
There are products that sell and then there are products and solutions that invigorate and transform. After you've used a Dyson, there is absolutely no way you canreturn to vacuuming as you used to. I sometimes bust out my napkin sketches and have even loaned out my Dyson (I use the original DC-07) to others I've spoken with. If you look on the web, you'll discover that no lack of people who simple LOVE their Dyson vacuum cleaners and will give it a 5-star rating with no hesitation. The only other product to generate so much love and a near cult following is the Apple brand. People today love the Dyson, and they don't just love it, they're crazy about it. Fanatical enough to go out and inform all their friends about it. Like the Mac, Dysons have created a lot of controversy and cost considerably more than their competition. It's interesting that Mac customers have chosen a Christian language in describing its users:
  • Seekers - they view the Mac as an expensive PC, but are curious
  • Convert - a person that goes from a non-believer to a believer
  • Mac Follower - they love the Mac and follow the ways of the Mac
  • Evangelist - these are usually your very knowledgeable technical experts who are absolutely nuts about Apple and their Macs. Their understanding has provided them a platform to share this love with other soon-to-be converts.
The Dyson generates that same type of adoration and loyalty. Dyson also has a founder who is regarded as a genius and a visionary. Owning a Dyson will change your daily life - particularly if you're an allergy sufferer. But like the Mac, it does cost about 1.5 - 2x as much as other competing vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Cleaner - The Best Vacuum CleanerA conventional vacuum cleaner works like this: 1) an electric powered motor forces air into the vacuum 2) this air is forced through a bag with really small openings so that dirt and dust are captured into the bag, but air is forced out. One of the obvious fundamental problems with the traditional vacuum cleaner is that as you use the vacuum cleaner it fills up with dirt; and as it fills up with dirt, the dirt blocks up all the microscopic holes of the vacuum bag and restricts air flow (effective flow resistance from the vacuum bag goes up). What this means is that if you utilize your vacuum even just a few times, the vacuum that you're able to generate can drop by 30-50% with just the first few uses and then decrease to a disappointingly low value as you exceed 1/3 to 1/2 of the bag volume. Remember that the amount of "suction" that a vacuum cleaner generates is related to the air speed at the vacuum head, and this is dramatically reduced as air flow is restricted. The attractiveness of the Dyson is that there is no bag at all.
  1. For a standard bag-type vacuum cleaner, some have a greater initial motor power than the Dyson, but it drops dramatically after the first few uses.
  2. On a standard bagless vacuum cleaner, these also rely on a main "cyclone", similar to the Dyson, to remove large debris particles from the air but rely on a more costly filter to contain the smaller particles.
  3. For the Dyson, it utilizes a main "cyclone" that removes large dirt particles from the air ; but it is totally different because the 2nd stage is a set of 7 parallel tiny cyclones, each spinning at high speed and making small dust particles to drop out.

My Dyson?
If you're still contemplating about it, then read on. For dog and cat owners, any of the Dyson vacuum cleaners will be a significant improvement from what you're using but think about one of the Dyson Animals. For general use, the DC24 is likely one of the most preferred. Some with large homes will favor the standard version without the ball so I would advise dropping by a store to try one out if you'reundecided. If you reside in Japan or in many European countries where free space is minimal in the home, then you may just fall in love with the DC23 or one of the other models of canister-type Dysons. I should advise you that once you go Dyson, there's no going back. You'll find yourself thoroughly discontented with all other alternatives.

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