Dual System Baby Video Monitors - Review Of Our Top Choice

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Our top choice in the dual system range of baby video monitors is the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Baby Video Monitor Set, it stands out as superior in its quality and technology transmitting at 900Mhz frequency providing superior clarity and 350' range with 2 channel selections to minimize the chance of interference. This dual baby video monitor set is unique in its look, the 7" LCD color flat screen has a built in handle, tilt feature and swivel design which accommodates multiple angles. A second handheld color video monitor with 1.8" screen is included making it more convenient and portable for parents.

The majority of parents agree that the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Set is one of the very best dual system baby video monitors available today with an excellent, average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Picture Quality:

The quality of the color video picture is very clear at all times, including night vision (black & white which is standard), you will be able to clearly see your baby at night without any light on in the nursery, the infrared night vision is much clearer than what you would be able to see with your own eyes.

The handheld unit can be connected to a television giving another large image of your baby, or use the picture in picture function if your TV has this feature, and monitor your child while watching TV. It's a great advantage having both the 7" LCD display and the handheld unit which allows 2 people to see their baby whilst in separate locations, e.g. upstairs and downstairs, or out in the garage with the other unit in the house.

Audio Quality and Reception:

The sound is very clear, occasionally static has been noticed, however this is usually rectified by simply moving the position of the monitor or changing the channel selector. Computers and cordless phones don't cause interference in reception because they operate on a different frequency.

Other Features:

The rechargeable battery of the handheld unit lasts a long time depending on whether it's set on Audio only mode, or Audio and Video mode. However a small disadvantage with the batteries is that they are NiCad batteries which can have memory effect issues if you don't allow them to completely discharge before recharging them.

The handheld unit when not connected to AC power will go into sleep mode after a few minutes for the video function, audio remains active, to re-activate simply press a button on top of the handheld unit.

This is what other parents are saying about Summer Infants dual system baby video monitor:-

5* out of 5* Loving It! , March 13, 2009
"I bought this to replace an earlier model Summer video baby monitor and just love it. Since we have two floors, it is nice to have a monitor in our bedroom and a handheld that I can cart around with me. Everything works well, and it is so nice to see my child no matter where I am in the house. The video quality is good, not superior, and gives me what I need. If you are expecting television quality picture (especially those HD viewers out there)you won't be thrilled. Overall, I am very pleased and wouldn't be without this product."

Overall, the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor Set with 7" LCD and 1.8" Handheld Unit is our best choice of the few duel system baby video monitors available, it's highly recommended by parents who use this system, 4.5 out of 5. The couple of disadvantages are minor compared to the benefits experienced by parents concerned about the safety and well being of their baby, they ultimately want the best baby video monitor set available.

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