DSi - Best handheld gaming console ever

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Nintendo developed a handheld game device in 2008 and released this game system first in Japan and named this handheld game system as Nintendo DSi. Right after its launching in Japan, the Game console was also launched in North America, Europe, China, Australia and many other parts of the World. This handheld gaming device relates to Seventh Generation Gaming Console Category and it is the Third Iterative Gaming Device of the Nintendo. The game device was developed by keeping the functionality of its only market competitor Sony Play Station Portable. After its success of first launch the company developed the units in large numbers and deployed to meet the current demand of this gaming system.

The Company started to work on the development of this gaming console at the end of 2006 and completed its all development within one year and a half. The Company launched this gaming system as stated earlier in 2008. This handheld gaming device is very much similar to another product of Nintendo which is called as DS Lite. But this product differs with that product as it has a feature of external and internal content storage system along with a connection of an online storage. This online storage is referred as Nintendo DSi Shop. This gaming device has further features like two digital cameras which was not included in any other device related to any handheld gaming system or device. The facility of online storage was provided by the company to personalize the functionality of the gaming device.

As stated earlier that Nintendo DSi has design which is similar to DS Lite. Nintendo DSi is equipped with two TFT LCD screens of 3.25 inches which are able to display the color combination of more than 260,000. The company has made the lower screen of this handheld gaming system touch sensitive. It means it can receive the input by touching it. Further more this device has a directional pad, power, start and select buttons, game card slot and a power cable input wire slot. This slot for power cable can be found under console's pivot. Nintendo DSi is 18.9 mm tall, 137 mm wide and 74.9 mm long. This handheld device is twelve percent shorter than its pioneer iterative product of the company that is DS Lite. But as stated above that it is the third iterative of the company so it has latest features that do not exist in DS Lite.

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