Dry Skin & Dandruff Issues: Discover A Little-Known Secret To Cure Your Dry Skin & Dandruff Issues

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Everyone wants a radiant, smooth and flawless skin. Dry skin is one of the major issues that keep your skin from looking radiant and flawless. Dandruff is also a perennial condition in which the skin cells die off fast that causes unsightly flaking to the scalp skin. Itchy scalp is very uncomfortable too. Most people tend to use dangerous chemicals and expensive skin treatment solutions to solve the dry skin problems. However, there is a little-known yet super-effective way to deal with dandruff and dry skin issues.

Lets look at some of the root causes of the skin problems before we explore for possible solutions. Skin is the most exposed part of the body which makes it vulnerable to adverse conditions caused by environmental exposures. Here are some of the root causes:

- Climate or Weather: both winter and the hottest temperatures affect the skin and cause it to dry. Skin is in its driest condition in winter months when humidity is low, just the same when it is too hot.

- Heaters and Air conditioning: heaters in general produce warm air that reduce humidity and dries the skin. Air conditioning also dries up the air when it passes through its system.

- Direct Sun: sunlight easily dries the skin and causes burns. It does not only affect the outer skin but penetrates the epidermis layers through the ultra violet rays.

- Long hot shower and swimming: too much chlorine in pools is a cause of dry skin. Staying in hot bath for so long can break the lipid skin barrier which is the defense against infection by microorganisms.

- Strong and Harsh soap: soaps may have endearing scents and may be very popular but may strip lipids and dry out skins. Shampoos may also dry out scalp and hair if not carefully chosen.

- Psoriasis: a condition where the skin is dry, itchy and flaking like scales especially when the climate is too cold.

- Diet: some people ignore their diet then wonder why they have poor skin and uncontrolled dandruff. Proper and healthy diet along with the correct exercise can help you address dandruff and skin dryness struggles.

Skin friendly organic moisturizers for the skin and safe dandruff treatments for the scalp helps in fighting dry skin and dandruff. Healthy diet plays a major role too.

One of the most effective ways to deal with skin dryness and scalp itchiness is to hydrate your indoors. This helps in soothing your skin. It provides the much needed external moisture for your skin and scalp.

Mist fountains have been historically used to solve the indoor dry air issues. They serve as vibrant home decor elements as well. A mist fountain is believed to have feng shui applications as well.

Mist fountain helps you create an atmosphere that reduces the symptoms of dry skin and dandruff without expensive derma treatments and skin products. Most respiratory problems may be relieved by using a mist fountain.

The mystic cloud that it creates in the air and the health benefits it provides are two main reasons why mist fountains are very popular and useful.

Mist fountain helps increase the relative humidity in air by adding moisture in the air. It does so through the ultrasonic vibrations in the built- in electronic module. It disperses into the atmosphere as tiny molecules of water. This results in production of Negative ions making the air clean and healthier to breathe. Water vapor trapped in the air appears as the mist that lies and curls around beautifully.

Mist fountain usage is one of the most convenient method of humidifying indoors. Additionally, the mist fountain designs are simply irresistible. They come with colored LED lights and some with UV lights integrated to prevent bacteria formation in the water reservoir. Another appealing feature is the control for the mist output and the light display to suit your needs and comfort. Most of them have remote control for wireless freedom.

Lastly, mist fountains have low energy consumption which allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a better skin and dandruff-free hair without worries of higher bills.


Amy C. is a misting fountain aficionado. She has experienced several powerful benefits of mist fountains by making it a part of her home decor. To further explore and discover mist fountain benefits, Amy invites you to browse her personal favorite mist fountain collection at tabletop fountain store.

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