Drum Lifter and Straddle Stacker Material Handling Equipment

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Handling systems are essential parts of material handling process which provide faster automation services for a number of enterprises. These will bring more comfort and ease to those who concern about how to automate facilities of the company. Drum lifters and straddle stackers are among the most common and most operated industrial handling systems.

You might hear a phrase, material handling which covers a broad range of industrial distributions. However, exactly the material handling equipments are any equipment which comes in contact with a product that helps to move or store the products to be handled. Conversely, it is called material handling systems when two or more equipment are used to move products in a systematic format. Some great examples of such systems include drum lifter, shipping dock, straddle stacker and pallet truck. These all equipments serve different purpose and collectively these are all parts of an integrated material handling systems.

A drum lifter is capable of transporting large and heavy drums in upright positions. These are excellent additions to any workplace or business that uses large drum. These are good tools for moving, lifting and storing heavy drums. Along with increasing overall output of a worker, the ergonomic design of these can eliminate joint, back and muscle injuries. Sometimes, these are also called mobile automatic drum roll lifters which van mix, transport, tip, and empty drums. Generally, they are made up of solid steel. A load attachment of these lifters can be easily changed to accommodate and fit multiple needs and purposes.

For using drum lifters, one has to simply lower the unit onto the drum. As the lifter elevation takes place, the drum gets secured by the positive gripping pads. On the successful landing of it to ground, the carriage drops down. Then, the equipment locked automatically in an open position so that it can take another one. These equipments can stack one drum over another, tilt, hold and empty ones onto vessels. Drum lifters are heavy duty and high load bearing tools so one should consider a number of factors while purchasing them. This includes reliable supplier source, durability, safety features, ease of operating and many more.

The main purpose of material handling systems is to minimise the strain on humans rather than packing, sorting, carrying, and otherwise performing the same task by hand. Straddle stacker is considered one among the most indispensable equipments that required in the manufacturing and warehousing field .This is an industrial truck which is electrically motorized before operating it. One can also use it commercially or for institutional storage. These handling systems are capable of transporting any heavy materials and are perfect for applications that need auxiliary hydraulics, longer run times between charging, heavier lift capacities, and/or environmental conditioning.

Safety is of the utmost importance in all industries. Before purchasing drum lifter or straddle stacker, one needs to make sure that employees are protected from injury. It can help to decrease injury from awkward positioning or repetitive movements. This way, one can also improve employee morale and productivity. Straddle stackers are designed with safety in mind. These often come with a number of safety features like reverse gear mechanisms, safety brakes and variable speed forward mechanisms. If you are in a business that needs moving of products on a regular basis, these kinds of handling systems are a great choice. These will increase safety and efficiency as well as decrease the risk of injury.

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