Droopy Eyelids? Worry no more and Keep your Head Up

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Got tired eyes and eye bags from studying or reading your favorite paperback all night? Having a blurry vision or droopy eyelids? If you got one of these problems, then there is one thing you can consider before feeling a kind of depression that you may not take because of your eyelid dilemmas.

There is a way of improving baggy skin under your eyes or your drooping eyelashes. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a common cosmetic plastic surgery that removes loose fold skins from the upper eyelids and eye bags from the lower eyelids.

Eyelid blepharoplasty is performed through external incisions made along the natural skin lines of the eyelids. When removing fatty tissue, the surgeon may perform blepharoplasty with an incision inside the lower rim of the eye’s skin. Such incisions often reach the outer corners of the eyes. The surgeon then divides the fatty tissue and muscle from the skin, thus removing the excess skin, fat or muscle.

Eyelid surgery may be performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation. However, you may feel few side effects after the surgery such as swollen eyelids and bruising under the eye. You may feel such discomfort for one to three weeks. During your recovery from Scottsdale plastic surgery, you need to avoid strong sunlight since the skin around your eyes will be more sensitive than usual.

In the recovery period, there are some important things you have to remember. Keeping your head up for a few days helps reduce the swelling and bruising of your eyelids. You should always clean around your eyes with plain water. Wearing makeup may not be safe to do so you must consult your Scottsdale plastic surgeon regarding this concern. You should not wear contact lenses for two weeks. Also, you should not drive until your vision returns to normal to avoid any accident.

Taking these important things into consideration will make your recovery faster and can prevent you from any problems concerning your plastic surgery. It is advisable to keep in touch with your doctor or Scottsdale plastic surgeon to maintain the good results of your surgery and for some advices about your overall health. Eye bags and drooping eyelids will no longer worry you as your vision will be better as well.

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