Driving factors for recession proof Smartphones' sales

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Today, Smartphones have become the daily necessity for corporate users and next generation. They are not only revolutionizing the mobile phone industry, but also changing the way we use computers. It is reported that Smartphone sales are expected to rise 22% in 2009. However, due to global recession, the demand for the mobile handsets will see a slump of 21% in 2009, according to a research firm.

Majority of telecom vendors like Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson had been either suffering from sharp losses or fighting hard to stay profitable. But, why Smartphones are not suffering in the recession? The multimedia factor and wide variety of entertainment that Smartphones offer are the basic reasons for their popularity. The other reasons for the success of Smartphones in the market are:

Information on the move

Smartphones can help you stay better organized and track information on the move. With various Smartphone's apps, you can check and search for information like budgets, project hours, FedEx shipments, password data, and even taxicabs. Users can check and push their e-mails on the devices.

Using various social networking sites is easier than before due to options of QWERTY keyboards or resistive touchscreen in the devices. It is reported that about 18.3 million Smartphone users had accessed social networking services from their handsets in July 2009, according to analytics firm Nielsen.

Latest software solutions

After the introduction of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, Google's Android, Palm's WebOS, Nokia's Symbian and Maemo 5 platform, and the latest Samsung ‘bada' operating system, the horizon of utility and features of these devices have been increased significantly. Experts are calling the devices as mini computers that provide similar functions and predict that Smartphones will be the most important computing appliance for employees going forward by surpassing laptops.

Expensive sells

These devices are feature-rich mobile handsets running on mobile operating systems. They will perform functions similar to PCs and therefore expensive. However, market economists suggest that in the recent downturn, middle market suffers the most; therefore, the Smartphone sales remain unaffected. But, they are getting cheaper as Apple decreases the price of its iPhone 3G and Blackberry Curve is available for about 15K. You can purchase a Smartphone for $200 or less.

Further, Smartphones like Apple's iPhone, Blackberry devices and Palm latest releases have been showing positive growth in the period. Microsoft, the software giant had also predicted that in the upcoming years, the Smartphones will hold the 30% share of the total market and half of the value of the mobile phone market.

Smartphone's future

Various analysts predict that the Smartphone can deliver BI at a low cost in future. However, using such devices to review and administer the business intelligence data is still in development, but expected to grow in future. BI analysts suggest that due to growth in user-friendly BI applications and its real time utility will create demand for mobile BI. Mobile BI will be less complex and will help in the cost cutting to various types of ndustry like marketing and transport sector.

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