Driving a Car on Ice

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Almost all of you know the fact that driving on icy roads is extremely risky and dangerous. In that situation knowing how to drive safely is very handy, as it is not always possible to stay back at home to wait for conditions and weather to clear. A good driver certainly knows how to drive safely and he is also aware of the things which he should have kept in mind before pulling out of their driveways.

It is always better to have your car thoroughly check before going out on icy roads. A thorough check up of your car ensures you that everything is working fine and in its best shape. If there are few things that need repair, go for it as it is said that, "Precaution is always better than cure." Hereunder are given few points which help you to drive safely on the icy roads.

The first and foremost step in driving safely on icy roads is to slow down your speed. Remember, on icy road it is very difficult to control the car, as there are increased chances to skid or slip. So, it is better to drive extremely slowly on icy roads.

Tires are also important in driving on ice. If your tires have good tread, they somehow provide a good traction; otherwise it will become difficult for you to control the car.

Besides driving slowly on the icy roads, it is also important to keep a reasonable distance from the front car, so that you never arrive at a situation where you have to apply sudden brakes. Applying sudden brakes on icy roads can be risky as your car may slip or skid and move side ways to hit any other nearby car.

In foggy conditions, it is better to use emergency flashers and headlights, so that other drivers can see you easily. Be very defensive while driving on ice, avoid rash driving.

You windshield wipers should be in good shape to remove the ice properly from the windshield to make things visible for you. Anything hazy can be dangerous as you may collide with the front car. Defroster can also be necessary to drive in cold conditions to keep your windshield and windows clear from moisture.

If you are living in an area where snowfall is frequent, you can use tire chains to provide them good grip against the road. Tire chains provide good grip on both salted and unsalted roads. But you have to be very careful with tires chains; these are not easy to use.

There are many other factors which you need to keep in mind while driving on ice. Ice is heavy and often cause tree limbs to break and fall on the road without any warning, also they bring along with them power cables which can be extremely dangerous. So, be very careful about your surroundings while driving in these conditions.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to drive safe on ice. But if it is possible to avoid driving on the ice, this is the best possible option to avoid mishaps.

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