Drive Traffic To Your Website With Ezine Advertising

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Ezines are very powerful tools in advertising. What makes them very powerful is the fact that they confront prospect visitors and customers face to face, and if done right, they have a high tendency of convincing people to actually try whatever your product is or become a frequent visitor to your website.

If we compare ezines as to what form of offline advertisement they are most similar to, they can be liken to newsletters. Like a newsletter, many website owners use this to send announcements of whatever new services or products they may be offering. However, unlike newletters, ezines can be easily distributed and are much cost-efficient, considering it's an on-line tool and does not require any form of printing and delivery expenses. It is because of this that ezines have become a favorite tool to use in driving traffic to websites. In terms of viewing rate, ezines can reach as many people as possible as long as an Internet connection is present. So, it is somehow safe to say, as long as the Internet can reach people, your advertisement in ezines can also reach these people.

However, just like any other tool in search engine optimization, you need to remember and incorporate certain things in your ezine to make it more effective.

One of they factors that you should remember is to make your ezine specific or advertise in products that specifically targets a specific niche. In this way, you are assured that your ad, when searched and found by people would be considered relevant. Say for example you are advertising furniture in your ezine. You do not put it in ezines that mostly do marketing for health care or beauty products. People who are interested to look for furniture relate products and services in ezines that advertise health care or beauty products. In this case, if you do put your furniture ad in a health care ezine, chances are your advertisment would be a failure.

Some people would also opt for solo ads. These are the kinds of ezines that market a product solely, meaning, if you use this kind of ezine, you do not share it with other ads. Although it does increase the visibility of your ad because it is the only one highlighted, it still does not guarantee a high traffic to wbesite turn out. One thing that you need to remember is to make use of keywords in making your ezine. Make sure the keywords that you use are highly searched and not so much used by other sites, the basics of SEO training. Also, make sure that these niches are highly compatible in ezines. One way of doing so is when you already have done searching for keywords, you can type the words YOUR KEYWORD + EZINE or YOUR KEYWORD + NEWSLETTER. Also, make sure that your ezine is very catchy and would be able to arouse interest from whoever is viewing it and would in turn result to some feed backs. This takes some creaticity and artistic insticts, but if you think you lack in those aspects, you an always study other ezines to create your own pattern (just study and not copy!).

In any ezines that you use and whatever product or services you advertize, make sure that you track the progres sof your ezines. Monitor which ezines are doing well and which ezines are not doing so well. Make some changes in those ezines that are not so productive in getting traffci to your website and retain the techniques you used in those ezines that drive a lot of trafficto your website.

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