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Tires are made of materials that do not decompose, so they remain in dumps for many years after they had been discarded. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is a minimum of 275 million scrap tires in stockpiles around the U.S. At least twenty five percent of these auto tires end up in dumps. Lawmakers do what they're able to to cut back this number by writing scrap tire laws and regulations. They also encourage the sector leaders to recycle whenever you can. Even with these initiatives, the amount of auto tires continues to pile up because lawmakers are limited by what they can do.

The stockpile is harmful to the environment because it takes a considerable amount of non-renewable resources to produce every tire. Creating a tire requires a great deal of energy, and the nation's insatiable demand for new tires depletes the oil reserves around the world. Oil is among the principal components in a tire, and this is the reason why tires can burn for days when set on fire. The amount of oil in each tire depends on its make and model. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, an average-sized car tire can produce two whole gallons of oil when it is burned .

The only strategy to reduce this stockpile of tires is by making smarter choices. If every individual decided to buy used tires, every manufactured tire will get its maximum use before it's no longer functional. The ripple effect will reduce waste and reduce the amount of tires in the trash dumps. It'll also force manufacturers to cut back on the one billion plus tires they make every single year.

When buying a used tire, it truly is best to shop at a locally owned company that has an interest in conserving the environment. Eco-friendly companies that care about the environment are likely to care about the safety of their customers. The staff at this provider will do what they can to locate the most suitable tire for the driving and climate conditions within your region.

The Tire Shop of Portland is an environmentally-friendly tire shop that cares about the well-being of their drivers. The Tire Shop of Portland is locally operated and owned. The Tire Shop has more than 2000 tires in stock, and its professionals will work hard with their clients to supply them with the safest used tires at a very affordable price. Check out http://portlandtireshop.com. to get an excellent deal on a good set of used tires today.

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