Dress, Re-Dress Your Doll

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Some very serious collectors prefer to have one dress to keep on one doll forever. Usually, it the dress made by the dollís original designer. The philosophy behind it is the same as why toy collectors do not take their toys out of their boxesóto preserve their original state and value. But an increasing number of doll collectors are now enjoying re-dressing their dolls. It is, after all, the most fun you may have with it. Itíll be exactly how it was with your doll in childhood.

Re-dressing your doll does not only channel in childhood memories, itís also a way of expressing your taste and personality through you precious doll. And more and more collectors have been getting into it because of the growing number of choices available for doll clothes and accessories in the market. Now, with the amount of choices available, you can truly personalize your doll.

Dolls in various sizes from various materials have, for a long time, been collected by women in all ages. They have been held tenderly, put in stands and glass cases, and now collectors are re-dressing their dolls as if they were real children.

The choices for clothing are extensive, especially for the more popular 18 inch dolls. 18 inch doll clothes are now available through a large number of online sellers and stores. You can easily choose from different brands, styles, genres and color.

18 in doll clothes even come in matching girl-and-doll pieces. The internet is a treasure chest for collectors world-wide. Some sites also offer doll photography so you can keep mementos of your dollís different looks, making the experience literally more memorable.

If 18 inch doll clothes arenít what you are looking for, donít fret because there are many like you. There are also many choices available for your doll online and elsewhere. Your doll has pretty much the same opportunities as the 18 inch dolls, except maybe for the inter-brand size uniformity, meaning you may not be able to fit other brandsí clothes to your doll. You might want to stick to the clothes from your dollís brand, or you may want to try making your own.

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