Dreambox: Leading the world with true HD

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First Produced by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia; Dreambox is a DVB satellite powered by Linux, cable digital and terrestrial television receivers (set-top box) series. Dreambox was one of the first Set-top boxes to use Linux-based software that was originally developed for DBox2 under the Tuxbox Project and has been upgraded in the recent years becoming the most powerful set-top box in the market.

The Dreamboxes are available in many versions such as DM 7000, DM 56x0, DM 500(+), DM 500HD, DM 600, DM 7020, DM 7020HD, DM 7025(+), DM 800HD, DM 800HD, DM se 8000 and DM 100. Out of which DM 7000 & 56x0 has been discontinued. All these set-top boxes are designed to receive free to air transmission where one can position the disc in the direction of a known satellite which will then broadcast the TV channels and Radio broadcast to your set-top box with an unencrypted transmission. The best part of this satellite TV is that after connecting once, it does not have any monthly charges and can be accessed freely. The disc even allows you to access limitless number of HD channels these days for which your set-top box should be capable of decoding the signal. Dreambox 500s were developed as the smallest and cheapest versions of the set top box with standard features of free to air (FTA) receiver with an extensively fast Ethernet networking connectivity and a smart card reader. These were then succeeded by Dreambox 600 which had an additional feature of IDE interface so that one can connect a 2.5 inch hard drive to record your favorite programs. Dreambox HDs have entered the market in 2008 with the introduction of Dreambox 800HD available with a SoC of BCM7401 make, 300 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM with 64MB Flash, and a room for an internal SATA 2.5 inch disk. It also possess one DVI to HDMi Cable, two USB 2.0, one eSATA and one 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces.

Dreamboxes came out as a revolutionizing concept on the street which changed the way of the people to look at the television. With the latest launch of Dreambox DM 7020 HD in Dubai on 4th February 2011, Dream multimedia is looking forward for integrating the box into the TV sets, and the way of watching television will change which this revolution. The newest HDTV Dreambox is characterized by its large color OLE display and flexible tuner concept.

The Openbox is the smallest digital Linux SetTopBox receiver with a card reader. Dreambox HD is the first Linux receiver to have High definition and a PVR capability. Now you can access advanced features of the DreamBox in HD.For more Informations Please visit our Dreamboxes website.

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