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Dream Multimedia is among the noted and thought of names in the digital satellite engineering. Offering Up a huge range of productions with DreamBox make, highly organized and technologically progressive merchandises are obtainable from Dream Multimedia. They hold huge ranges of products, a number of of which are stopped while others are still active and working efficiently and functionally. There are manu modeling planned on the basis of their operation and choices. Many modeling come with large Plasmas and various operating pushes and SmartCard readers. Models are chiefly grouped on the basis of the speeding of the CPU they support.
Almost all of the wares are furnished with RF (Radio Frequency) modulator, sound and telecasting cinch out, electronic program guide, USB connectors and lots more. Firmware of the hardware and the PC softwares dissents from one modeling to different and can be largely recognized in the user interface, outstanding features, sound and telecasting decryption methods and different matters. The highly popular and familiar wares from Dream Multimedia System are as follows: Dreambox DM7000, Dreambox DM7025, DreamBox DM600, DreamBox Keyboard, Dreambox DM500.

DreamBox DM7025 is one of the latest and most progressive engineerings from Dream Multimedia. It is braced with a 300 MHz CPU and accessible source Linux software. The hardware as well holds Linux General Application Computer Programing User Interface as well. It takes 1 DVB General Interface slot while 2 smartcard readers. One real grand characteristic about many of the DreamBox wares is that they are competent of handling interior HDD of whatever capacity. This sums in the functionality and effectiveness of the electronic device. Devices are likewise braced with 2 Scart Port, Radio Frequency Modulator, audio/movie cinch out, large size LCD video display, DDR Ram of normally 128 MB and incorporate IDE User Interface.

products can likewise be visualized and considered at their website of Dream Multimedia. Merchandise inside informations and technical specification regarding firmware and software package are enlisted at the site.

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