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Art is divine. Drawing is one such form of godliness is null and void, since the stone ages. Literally means drawing tool to create images of any surface. In the old era, when there were hardly any tools, the man began to draw the fingers of sand, clay and other natural surfaces. Self-drawing can be considered art, everything that existed before the language will come and bow.

It is a unique form of art. It survived even if the scientific inventions and modern technology, while other forms of art have disappeared. Other arts have either disappeared or merged with another art form. But this is the one exception, which survived even after the emergence of thousands of fascinating things in this world.

Doctors do not advise what the child learns to between 3-6 years to truly describe the way in their lives. Greedy and learning the power is unbelievable this season. They suck, visualize, understand and question all that they see, hear and feel. So it's important that parents do their best things for children during this time.

We begin the school day learning in pictures. From "A" Apple "Z" Zebra, is stored in a visual in our minds. Children, drawing the first lesson with a class in writing. Drawing triggers the imagination and opens up the colors of their fantasy world. Children feel welcome in their imagination has the shape of their notebooks, order books and a black board. And, in addition whatevermight result, it is their product and they have created. Drawing gives them the confidence, joy and happiness to create something new through their own hands.

Not surprisingly, the passion for drawing during the school day, they start drawing the corners or the back of the laptop without paying attention to classes.Some children to develop artistic talents in this way, but some children to limit the imagination of just watching television and movies. At this stage in their lives, parents should encourage the drawing abilities of their children. We do not know that the drawing could become a career or a hobby, but the point is appreciation and encouragement is important.

The artist begins to find his roots in his school days. Everyone scratches / writing on the wall, telling the world that a new artist is born. Walt Disney started drawing Mickey Mouse is a garage looking creatures running around him. Parents should start by encouraging such talents of their children and should stop scolding children for not serious with their studies. Most of us would have started drawing before writing something. It is a unique talent and a son, who got the talent should be supported and valued. Let's groom a new age of Walt Disney, MF Hussains ...

How to manage the opportunity to make a pencil mark an important step pencil drawing?. Sharpened pencil and a dull pencil to help create a variety of images. Most of the drawings may be used in a sharpened pencil. Make sure the pen moves smoothly and quickly. Hand position and motion control of the pen across the image quality.

When you draw the grass or thin lines in the picture, you can reduce the weight of a pencil from the bottom up. This may seem to be easy and often used technique, but it will give effect to cool the image. When you start taking pictures of shadows, light and dark shades of the picture and a variety of differences in the picture. Shading could be easier to do, but should be made towards a single direction.

When you draw pictures of people, drawing the eye to decide the success of the picture. Its most important role in the drawing. Without the image of the eye loses his life. It is a subtle technique, but it becomes law. If you look at the structural drawings, lines and measurements are given priority. All of negligence leading to damage to image.

Pencil drawing is as easy as composing music, with each stroke that you decide to image quality. Give a pencil stroke reflects the ideas and imagination. Expert says black and white are the colors of real life. Pencil sketch shows the true color of life.

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