Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review

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Anytime I consider purchasing a course the first thing I always determine is why should I trust this person?

Let me tell you, when I discovered "Draw People Step By Step" was created by Taylor Roy I immediately excited. I had already purchased his figure drawing course, and knew this would be another great product.

Let me tell you the "Figure Drawing Course" was absolutely amazing, and I would easily pay $47 for that alone.

As far as art teaches go Taylor Roy has to be one of the best. He has this ability to take a difficult technique and demonstrate in a way that is easy to understand.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review - What Exactly Is This Course?

The is simply nothing worse than looking at vague confusing images and trying to work out how the arts got there. Instead this course let you watch step by step as Taylor Roy creates and explains his masterpieces in front of your very eyes.

The entire course consists of 6 step by step videos and 6 complete PDF manuals for those who want something in a printed form as well.

Each video has been edited so that you see exactly what Taylor Roy is drawing, and you can watch as the drawing progress and he talks about what he is doing.

The first five lessons focus on the individual facial features so you can master drawing each feature individually before trying to bring them together. I personally found this approach very beneficial, as it gave me a chance to practise each feature without risking messing up my entire drawing.

The biggest things I got from these first five lessons was how to properly shade the eye, and create the height with my noses.

The sixth lesson shows clearly how to bring the features together in one complete drawing. In my opinion this is probably the most important lesson, as it is this lesson that helps your drawing move from a collection of parts to a complete masterpiece.

The final lesson looks at understanding the facial changes that happen as someone's emotions change. Again this lesson is superb.

So Is it worth the money?

Absolutely, without a doubt this is the best course on the market. If you ask me I would have happily paid twice as much for this course. But first lets go through the pros and cons so that you can make up your own mind.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Review - The Pros and Cons

The Pros:

•When it comes to learning to draw nothing beats watching someone how it is done. This is the only course I have come across where you can watch a professional artist demonstrates how to draw people.

•The course is so packed with information that regardless of your skill level you will learn a lot from this course.

•There is literally over 3 hours worth of step by step video that explains everything from the proper way to shade the lips to how to easily layout an ear.

•There are 6 step by step manuals (over 210 pages in length) that walk you through the entire drawing process for those who want a manual as well.

•Like I mentioned earlier the bonuses are fantastic and well worth the $47 dollars alone.

•It is backed up by a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Draw People Step By Step Home Study Course is designed for anyone who is serious about their art and wants to take their drawing to the next level.

Unlike other drawing books that require tones of drawing material to get started, you can pick up all you require from you local art or stationary stores for a couple of dollars.

Finally it is worth mentioning that this course is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you don't like it you can simply get your money back. Oh, and you get to keep the entire course, you couldn't really ask for a better deal than that.

The Cons:

The only con I can think of is it is not available in stores. I personally like having a hard copy of my products just for safe keeping, but as he explained the price would be significantly higher. So downloading it is fine.


Having looked at it myself I would have to agree with the consensus and state that it is my favourite product.

Remember to check out the course here and make up your own mind http://www.DrawPeopleStepByStep.com

Having been a professional artist for over ten years, John Bresser is often seen as the final word in the art industry. His portraits are widely regarded as the some of the best in the business, and his teachings and reviews have been read by over a million people worldwide.

For more information about his latest recommendations please visit Draw People Step By Step which was voted the top Portrait Drawing Course for 2011.

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