Dragonball Evolution Movie Review

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At last Dragon ball Evolution came on screen and it is distressing that all is not well with this doomed venture.

The rationales behind the acceptance of numerous Dragon Ball films by a wide range of enthusiasts are its distinctive fusion of character portrayal, comedy, chaotic actions and a succession of grand combats. It appears that these characteristics are missing in this Hollywood production.

The legends of Dragon Ball are disposed of ultra fast during display of credits and then rush headlong to the core narrative with Goku (Justin Chatwin) being groomed by his grandfather Gohan. An odd ball known as ‘Dragon Ball' is presented to him on his eighteenth birth day and he was advised that there are 7 balls in existence and when they coalesce, the possessor has the power to summon a Dragon which in turn will bestow any of his desire.

Shortly afterwards, disaster forces Goku to go in search of the charmed ball before the wicked Lord Piccolo, whose objective is to use its limitless power to create havoc. On his journey, Goku gets ample assistance from the lively Bulma Briefs, Yamacha, the good natured crook and Master Roshi.

Though the hero Justin Chatwin is affable, his modest characterisation of the hero can only be considered an embodiment of tasteless Americanisation of Dragon Ball. Even with the multiplicity of Asian masters, Dragon Ball can only be a thoughtless Hollywood version of a well loved movie that disappoints miserably.

A major setback is its appalling and poor screenplay. A very simple theme of locating the dragon balls, having reach of timeless classic like ‘Star Wars' is over in eighty four minutes with justice done neither to the characters nor to the storyline.

Dragon Ball is mediocre even on elemental considerations. Preparing Goku for the encounter with Piccolo is complete in a few frames. The storyline is absurd and inevitably confounds the viewer and creates no excitement or thrill. The fast paced evolution of characters gives us scant time to know them. The villain, Piccolo is given only 6 minutes with the result that you are not alarmed or even concerned about his intentions to annihilate the world.

20th Century Fox did not even bother to improve on the frenzied and bizarre exploits which were seen from the time of ‘The Matrix'.

The involvement of producer Stephen Chow is curious, though we wish this talented persona had directed the movie or at least put in some of his flair and panache made famous in such cinemas, ‘Shaolin Soccer' and ‘Kung Fu Hustle'.

Dragon Ball Evolution is an unrefined and discourteous effort to make money out of an all time favourite. It will definitely appal its enthusiasts and confuse others. Ignore this movie if you are over ten though youngsters might evince some fascination.

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