Drafting Tables Are Where Form and Function Meet

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Drafting tables are unique pieces of furniture because they must blend form and function in a way that is attractive and yet extremely practical and utilitarian.Used by artists,engineers,draftsmen,fashion designers and craftsmen,the drafting table often stands in prominent view and must withstand long periods of use.

Drafting tables are sold today in a variety of styles and with a number of features.Choosing the right table is important because this is a table meant to be a workhorse.It can be distressing to buy a table you think will be ideal only to find it's too small or not sturdy enough.

In other words,the time you invest in choosing your drafting table will return to you in the form of a comfortable furniture piece that is ideal for your needs.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first questions to ask yourself is where you will be using the table.A table that is to be used in an apartment or dorm room may need to be smaller than a drafting table that will be set up permanently in an office.

The smaller drafting tables used in limited space or temporary settings often come with collapsible legs so the table can be stored when not in use.You only have to fold the legs into the table,slide it into a closet or lean it against a wall,and the table is always available when you need it in just a few minutes.Naturally a fold up table will not have as many features as a table meant to be set up permanently.

Those looking at drafting tables that can be left set up can look at sturdier tables with larger top sizes and more features.

Sizing Up the Options

One of the most important features to keep in mind is the size of the table top.There are two sizes most commonly used though other sizes are available too.The smaller fold down drafting table is usually no larger than 30 X 42.The larger tables are most frequently made in the following sizes.

>> 24" x 36"

>> 30" x 42"

>> 36" x 48"

The question you must ask yourself is: What size papers are you working with? If you are going to be using large commercial prints with multiple drawings then you should buy the largest table.If you are a draftsman working at home designing residential properties then the smallest permanent standing table may be a good choice.The middle size is a somewhat all purpose size in that it can accommodate residential and commercial drawings.

So Many Features

Other features to look at include the number of posts holding the table top, adjustable height table tops,height of the table posts and accessories like pencil holders and storage drawers.

You will also discover that drafting tables can be quite simple or fashionable looking depending on the brand of table you buy.

There is a large selection of drafting tables available today. You should take the time to list the features you need first before you go shopping. The blend of form and function in the drafting table has never been so stylish.

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