Dr. Tohme Tohme - Michael Jacksonís Close Friend and Manager

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Dr. Tohme Tohme is a financial expert who was Michael Jackson's close ally and manager during the last year and a half of the King of Pop's life. Dr.Tohme Tohme came to Michael Jackson's aid at a critical time. By the spring of 2008, Jackson's mounting financial and legal woes were gravely in need of attention, as media reports at the time suggested that Michael Jackson's beloved Neverland Ranch and Jackson's music catalogs were at risk of being lost or liquidated. At a time when others seemed unable or unwilling to offer much help to the beleaguered popstar, Dr. Tohme worked closely with Michael Jackson in arranging a crucial last minute deal with a real estate investment firm that ultimately saved Jackson's prized Neverland Ranch from foreclosure. Simultaneously, Tohme worked closely with the King of Pop and his legal advisors in resolving an overseas lawsuit in late 2008 that was preventing Jackson from any future performing.

Tohme subsequently relocated Jackson and his family from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and oversaw the negotiation of lucrative business deals that allowed Jackson to re-emerge in the pop world at a level equivalent to his past glory days. Where others had failed, Dr. Tohme encouraged the reclusive popstar to shed his wheelchair and other disguises and get back to work and retain his standing as the one and only King of Pop. Michael Jackson's historic THIS IS IT O2 arena concert deal came to fruition as a result of Dr. Tohme's managerial efforts and Jackson's decision to return to the stage. In March 2009, Dr. Tohme Tohme traveled to London with Jackson and his children via his private jet. A few days after touching down at Luton airport, Tohme stood closely nearby as Michael Jackson announced to his throngs of loyal fans his highly anticipated O2 shows.

Dr. Tohme fondly remembers Michael Jackson as an exceptionally kind human being and wonderful, loving father who was enthusiastic about the prospect of performing in front of his children on such a grand scale for the first time. The sudden demise of the King of Pop deeply saddened Dr. Tohme - not only because he had lost a dear friend and client and the world had lost one of its greatest-ever artistic geniuses - but because Jacksonís children had lost such a wonderful and special father.

Throughout 2008 and 2009. Tohme R Tohme worked long hours with Michael Jackson and his advisors to help bring the starís finances in order and prevent impending financial disaster. According to Dr. Tohme, Michael Jackson's business affairs had been overseen by a series of different managers in past decades which resulted in a disarray of the star's business affairs and finances. Dr. Tohme had been steadfastly working with a team of Jackson's advisors in an ongoing effort to organize Mr. Jackson's business matters ranging from copyrights and publishing royalties to Mr. Jacksonís highly valued catalogs. In addition to the many complex financial and business matters, Dr. Tohme also oversaw many of Michael Jackson's personal matters, ranging from housing, household and security staffing, stylists, musicians, dancers, and tutors.

Tohme Ramez Tohme played a key role in negotiations of profitable business ventures based on Michael Jackson's huge legacy, including deals for a "Thriller" Broadway show, an animated series based on "Thriller", and a clothing line that would include "moonwalk shoes". Dr. Tohme was also working closely with Jackson and his financial and legal advisors to renegotiate better terms on some of Jackson's main assets, such as the singerís part of Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog, which includes the Beatles songs, that Jackson had previously used for taking massive loans to support his lavish lifestyle. Dr. Tohme's efforts to help the popstar sadly came to a standstill with Jackson's tragic passing in June 2009.

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