Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell for State Representative District 15 Michigan - Comments

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JOHN DINGELL HAS LOST HIS WAY!!! John Dingell has lost his way and can't come across his way back to his constituents whom he promised to represent. He has carried out quite the opposite - he voted against the will in the individuals around the health care bill (I guess in the event you are the co-author with the bill, you'd far better vote for it!) The impact of this website has really been a extremely positive thing for Dr. Steele. folks are SICK AND TIRED of nasty political rhetoric and aren't purchasing what you are trying to sell John!

I am SUPPORTING DR. ROB! Dr Rob Steele isn't a career politician but the epitome with the American Dream, by means of difficult work we was able to create a effective profession and a business. The attacks on his wealth are attacks on challenging function. What he has is actually a result of his efforts not living off the authorities payroll. I'm supporting Dr Rob so that we can send a citizen to Congress and retire a life long inside the belt pol who somehow became rich in his federal government job. From Supporter Nick M.

DINGELL: HE'S OLD!! Ditch Dingell. Even the Democrats think he's Outdated or why else would they take the chairmanship to the Committee of Energy and Commerce away from him and give it to Waxman? From Supporter Lucrecia M.

DINGELL LIES ABOUT DR. STEELE! Dr. Robert Steele: Earning your own way is the American way. John Dingell wants everybody to turn towards the federal government for everything - that way he "can control the people"{.|!!!|.|!|{} Bear in mind that tell all statement by Dingell? "It'll take time to control the people"{.|!!!|.|!|{} How a lot of of you out there want to be controlled by the likes from the John Dingells and the left wing extremists in this country? It's unfortunate that a man such as John Dingell resorts to personal smears and lies about Dr. Robert Steele. {.|!!!|.|!|{} {.|!!!|.|!|{} {.|!!!|.|!|{} and make no mistake - they're lies.

Notice: The reviews and endorsements of this candidate are from actual supporters and genuine press articles. This content might be modified to qualify as unique content material within the review space provided herein. Call the Dr. Steele for Congress campaign at 734-757-6893 or visit http://RobSteeleForCongress.com for any questions. We appreciate your support!

Dr. Robert Steele Republican Candidate for Michigan's 15th Congressional District, 2010 Election. Dr. Robert Steele is really a founding member of Michigan Heart PC, where he has served quite a few years on the Board of Directors. He also chairs the Finance and Benefits Committees for the practice that has now grown to include 36 physicians and 300 employees, with 7 permanent and 2 satellite offices in 5 counties. He has previously served to the Board of Directors of a big non-profit managed care organization, and numerous medical staff, and physician organization committees. With a background in both medicine and small enterprise management, Dr. Steele will bring desperately needed enterprise and private sector encounter towards the Home of Representatives currently dominated by career politicians and Washington elites. Dr. Robert Steele is running against John Dingell in the 2010 Elections.

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