Dr. Robert Steele 2010 Campaign 15th District Near MI State - Review

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HARD Functioning AMERICAN!!! Dr. Robert Steele is just not your average politician. Rob is actually a Hard Operating American, who's success is often a product of Challenging work and initiative. As a physician, he understands the devastating impact Dingell-Care will have on our nation's health system. Dr. Steele agrees with Congressman John Dingell that cap and trade is merely a massive tax boost on all Americans.{.|!!!|.|!|{}{.|!!!|.|!|{} But unlike the congressman, Dr. Steele doesn't assistance pushing the remaining manufacturing jobs in Michigan overseas via policies that make the state uncompetitive with foreign countries.

WANTS TO Carry BACK SANITY!!! physician Rob Steele is one of your finest candidates that Americans can hope for and I am happy to see that he has committed himself to run for congress to Convey back sanity and great sense to this out of control Governing body. He stands for Fiscal Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, Smaller Government, Healthcare reform that makes sense, not this monstrosity of a bill that doesn't have the concerns from the health of our citizens as a priority, nor the well being of our devastated economy as the present governing physique plunges us deeper into debt and reduces our "freedoms" further as they take away more of our "liberty" to make our own choices.

Dingell and Secret Sessions! The video took place last year throughout the Town Hall discussions on wellness Care. Dingell tried to conduct a secret session but fed up constituents packed the hall (and outside). Dingell later went on to say that the angry protestors were being paid for by the insurance Organizations. LOL. I'm still waiting for the check! This was held at the extremely begin of the Tea Party Movement. From Supporter Matt P.

ROB STEELE will not be A YES MAN! Rob Steele is just not a Wall Steet "Yes Man", he was raised in rural MI, attended schools locally, produced jobs locally and saves lives regularly. I'm supporting Dr.Steele since his career skills of difficulty solving, accountability and transparency will serve us well in Congress. From Supporter Megan E.

Notice: The reviews and endorsements of this candidate are from true supporters and genuine press articles. This content material may be modified to qualify as unique content material within the review space provided herein. Call the Dr. Steele for Congress campaign at 734-757-6893 or go to http://RobSteeleForCongress.com for any questions. We appreciate your support!

Dr. Robert Steele Republican Candidate for Michigan's 15th Congressional District, 2010 Election. Dr. Robert Steele is actually a founding member of Michigan Heart PC, where he has served numerous years on the Board of Directors. He also chairs the Finance and Benefits Committees for the practice that has now grown to include 36 physicians and 300 employees, with 7 permanent and 2 satellite offices in 5 counties. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of a large non-profit managed care organization, and numerous medical staff, and physician organization committees. With a background in both medicine and Little company management, Dr. Steele will Carry desperately needed organization and private sector experience to the Home of Representatives currently dominated by career politicians and Washington elites. Dr. Robert Steele is running against John Dingell within the 2010 Elections.

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