Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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I was watching a production recently called, John Adams. He was the sixth president of the US. The film happened about the time when he was not president but an officeholder from the state of Massachusetts. Essentially they weren't states back then, they were called nations. They were states governed by their own laws.

They were convening in Philadelphia worrying about what to do with the Brit starting to breath down their necks. John Adams was the one that took the bull by the horns and pushed the concept of declaring our independence from English rule.

It was fascinating to find out how the film showed the other side. The more friendly side of John Adams, his other half and family. It showed his wife as very much a part of his life and career. Many times offering her advice and thoughts about the cases that he was trying. He was a lawyer.

the only thing that stood out the most to me was the incredible sacrifice that, he and all these men that were involved in forming the foundation for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. They were giving not from a compulsion to an office or a position to rule over anyone. They gave their fortunes, their time, and some of them, even their lives, for the liberties of all US citizens.

So it is with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he used to be a minister. A very humble man who liked this country. He didn't take. He gave. He gave for all the same reasons as John Adams and our fore fathers gave. He gave for the liberty and rights of all guys. Not by the colour of your skin, or faith, or gender, but by the quality and character of the heart. He gave the ultimate sacrifice, his very own life on the alter of freedom. He belongs on the same plane as the freedom fighters our fore pas were. All true American heroes.

I'm so uninterested in listening to the whining and moaning of people that only care about the quality of their own lives and of their rights. What belongs to me is all which will ever mist the lens of their inconsiderate eyes.

And to people who come here with no other goal but to steal the resources that this great land has to offer . To kill, rob and destroy us of the very freedoms that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Adams, George Washington, and all their company fought so hard for and gave to us. We must exterminate these malevolent folk from off our shores.

As John F Kennedy said. And so my fellow northern Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

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