Downside of Mobile (Text) Charitable Giving to Disaster Hit Areas

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Today, everyone is looking for an alternative way in which they can make their work more effective and efficient. In the case of donations, people are on the lookout for the easiest and safest way to give to their favorite nonprofit at the time of a crisis.

Natural calamities and disasters donít give notice before arriving. There is no time to prepare for such emergencies. Japan is a recent example where people around the world want to help but feel helpless in many cases. Under such situations, when many nonprofits are working together to help disaster hit areas, it is our responsibility to help out and make donations for this cause. People have begun using both web and text to send donations. The question becomes which is the best and quickest means available donate and ensure their donation gets to those in need the quickest?

A lot of concern regarding texting donations is coming into play. This might be a powerful medium but is not necessarily the quickest to make donations. When you make a text donation, the amount doesnít go to the designated nonprofit providing relief efforts immediately but is billed to donors to be paid on their next bill. This ultimately delays the entire donation process.

Another challenge with text donations is the lack of ability to setup recurring giving. You cannot easily give steady support during the entire recovery process. You can certainly give more than once, but the ease of having a set schedule through online donating is much simpler. Also, the text donations are more prone to scams and fraudulent cases as any scammer can initiate a text campaign on social networking sites and ask for donations.

Considering all these concerns, a better, more reliable and efficient option has been introduced by making donations through online websites. Itís secure, quick and a reliable platform for donating and doesnít restrict the amount that can be donated. Moreover, if your donation qualifies for a receipt for tax purposes, the receipt will be automatically generated and sent to you to help you attain tax-deductions. In addition, you always have the option to verify the legitimacy of the nonprofit through online sources before you make an online donation.

Text donations may seem like the easiest and quickest way, but many concerns must be addressed before giving by a text message. Take the safe and secure route with online donating. Make the decision to help disaster-hit areas today! offers online fundraising through fundraising products for non-profit fundraising.

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