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Although many people like to download an audio book or two, some do not realise the range of literature available to them in their quest for listening material.

There are four basic types of audio book formats available to the keen listener, however there is one golden rule you should consider - the bigger the file, the better the quality. This is key and helps you to enjoy the listening experience as much as possible.

Firstly, you have the compact disc (CD). The humble CD may seem like last century's technology, what with the advent of MP3; however those who have not given in and procured an MP3 player should consider investing in audio CDs.

On CD, one hour of audio takes up approximately 600mb of storage space With CDs available that hold 800mb or more this shouldn't be a problem for avid listeners; and in fact, provides a much higher quality of sound than MP3.

Furthermore, CDs (as well as MP3) can be played over and over without concern that the quality will diminish.

MP3s audio books do have their upside however; they are entirely portable, as they are stored on an MP3 listening device. One hour of audio can requires around 14.4 megabytes of space however this depends on the bit-rate used for the MP3, meaning those with a one gigabyte MP3 player should be able to experience hours of fun.

Now that these two have been mentioned, you may be wondering what the other two ways in which to enjoy audio books are? Many people of the Generation Y era don't consider it to be hip and cool, but radio is a perfect way in which to enjoy audio.

Lastly, AM radios require around 3.7 megabytes to stream an hour of audio, which can save a lot of storage space however the quality of sound is not as great as its FM counterpart.

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