“Don’ts” to Remember as an Event Organizer

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As an event organizer, you must have mapped out an arrangement about how you plan to execute a certain event. But even then, it is very difficult to stick to a fixed schedule as a thousand things tend to go haywire, especially during the final stages – some delegates might back out, speakers may cancel at the last moment, and so on. It is important that you don’t panic and take impulsive decisions during this time as it could be disastrous.

A lot depends on the event marketing strategies that you have devised for the promotion of the event. You must have got a lot of advice about the dos of event marketing, but it is equally important to focus on the don’ts:
• Don’t pester people with constant reminders to come to your event. People need to be persuaded and not forced because it will generate bad word-of-mouth publicity.
• There should not be any difference in discounts and special offers. For example, if you give a 30% cut to one company and only 15% to another, then the 2nd company might be upset and choose to back out.

• You want a large number of attendees, but here also you need to stop and think about the target audience. The invitations should go out to groups of people who will be interested in the product or service that is being promoted via the event. Having a large number of random people attending is not considered as a success.
• Event marketers remain under a lot of pressure but under no circumstances should they antagonize the speakers or delegates. If you do so, then there will be immense negative publicity both online and offline.
• Inviting media sponsors is a must to generate proper buzz. The biggest mistake on your part will be to sit back and entrust the marketing to them completely. They will not create the whole marketing copy just because they are involved in the promotion. It is you who has to ensure that the work is completed within the deadline.
• Don’t hound community influencers by sending them cookie cutter email pitches. This is because influencers get hundreds of similar emails on a regular basis. You have to convince them about why they should help you during the event promotion stage.

• When people are visiting your event page, don’t confuse them with mountains of information. The data on the page should be direct, short, and precise so that people can decide faster.

Even though these are not hard and fast rules, they will definitely be of some help to you as an event organizer. As you go along, you will keep discovering various facts that will be added to the list above.

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