Don't You Answer that Craigslist Ad without a Reverse Phone Lookup!

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Well, here we are again. Another - drum roll please - that's right, Craigslist-facilitated murder. A young, sweet eight-months pregnant girl who had just moved to Oregon with her partner, the baby's father, because he got a better job. She was full of hopes for a bright future. Everyone knew her as such a sweet and friendly girl; it was only a matter of time before someone was going to take advantage of Heather Snively.

She loved hooking up with other expectant mothers on Craigslist, selling and trading baby clothes. The psycho killer Korena Roberts had announced to friends and neighbors she was pregnant, but now, of course, it's clear why. It's not clear why she, who has two children under the age of 10 would be so desperate for a baby as to murder a mother and steal one. The poor baby boy died too, of course.

I just want to know one thing: am I talking to myself? No one must be reading my suggestions. I should start putting ads on Craigslist: "Naïve young women, please read this life-saving advice before answering any ad!"

But, of course, once again, I am too late for this poor 21-year-old pregnant victim. A murderous lunatic had caught up with her before I could tell her to use a reverse phone lookup to check out that new "friend" she made on Craigslist. Hopefully her tragic death will not be in vain; maybe her experience will serve as a warning for others like her, maybe even saving lives.

Listen up everyone! Make this your mantra when on Craigslist:

1. Email your response to the ad.
2. Have the advertisers call you.
3. When they do, use the phone number on the Caller ID in a reverse phone lookup .

Note: Reverse phone lookup is an online search tool that can help one to determine whether the people he/she met online are telling the truth about their identity, age, address, marital status, etc. It may be wise - especially if a preliminary scan raises concerns - to check out criminal or civil history.

4. Key in the phone number and confirm this person's 'relative' trustworthiness and sanity before you let him/her into your life.

My point is, before you get together with a stranger you meet on Craigslist who pretends to be your friend and then kills you and takes your unborn baby ... well, hopefully you get my point. Reverse phone lookup may be your lifesaver.

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