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There is one sort of video that pops up on YouTube all the time. The truth or dare videos mainly authored by teenage girls are in constant high popularity. You will see them all year long and they never get out of style.

What if all authors of those videos would come together to a big virtual party and play a game of Truth or Dare together? Wouldn’t that be fun? If everyone likes to play Truth or Dare so much, wouldn’t be great if we could gather all those users in one place where they only find videos about fun Dares.

Unfortunately, not everyone who posts a video with the game as the title is actually playing the game. At least half of them are asking for inspiration and what challenges they should do. A simple internet search would help them, though.

Many dare ideas are only fun when done in groups. Dares that can be done alone are getting more interesting when you are doing a video. One good example for this one is the cinnamon challenge, which is easy to do and doesn’t require any special preparation.

If all Truth or Dare videos would be organized in a sub-site from YouTube for example, then there would be no problem and every one could play together and the videos could be easy to find. But in general the only possibility to associate one video to another is to use a “Video Response” and to tag a video with relevant keywords like sleepover or Truth or Dare. The good thing is that videos can be reused on blog sites or on any other websites where videos can be published and highlighted manually.

What’s the best way to go if you only want to see people doing dares on video and nothing else?

In a community project to gather the best videos only around Truth or Dare, everyone wins. A responsive community of people who love to show each other on video is formed. Everyone can express and show off themselves to the world and to the public who are guaranteed to be interested in their videos. How often have you seen a good video which just does not get the attention on the internet it would normally deserve?

Many people don’t have the time to create a website or a blog. But in such a community you can just reuse already existing Truth or Dare Videos.

The result is each video from YouTube highlighted on a website with some text telling the story behind the video. For example, explaining how it was created or which ideas were behind the video. Especially for the younger crowd, the opportunity to create some long lasting content on a website without having to code HTML is interesting.

Since the video has been converted into its own blog post, the blog post can be promoted and can gain high popularity if it’s well written. That way the YouTube video receives a boost and many more views and has a chance to become really popular.

Having those videos all together is the content the community wants to watch. Every visitor can rate and comment them and the whole thing can easily go viral.

If a YouTube video author wants to be successful, their videos should get as much exposure as possible. Our video blog post does exactly this - to the right people and the right visitors.

And the best thing, as long as the website takes care to promote only YouTube videos, it will be safe to stay above a certain level of quality. There would never be any inappropriate content for teens, because the Terms of service of YouTube take care of that in first place. So everything will be pre-screened. There is enough dirt outside on the internet already, everyone knows that. But the high quality videos? Sometimes you dig deep to find the best gems on the internet. Putting them all together in one place will save everyone a lot of time.


Our website, which is completely dedicated to the game Truth or Dare, has a growing sub-section centered on Truth or Dare videos alone. Next to the stories, the videos and the ideas for Truth or Dare are the most popular pages on our website. If you need Truth or Dare Questions and Dares, you will find hundreds of them for free already for you to get inspired and play the game in the most fun way possible.

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