Don't Let Money Get in the Way of a Good Party

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Everyone loves a good party. Parties are a great way to meet new people, celebrate special occasions and just have good old fashioned fun. However, budget can be an issue. Don't let money get in the way of a good party. You can still throw a fantastic party without burning a hole in your pocket. You just need to be a little more creative about how you throw the party.

Decide how much you want to spend. How much money can you afford to spend on a bash? Going into debt just to host a party is never a good idea. You may think that the idea is a good one now but when you spend the next few months paying for the cost of the party, you may change your mind. The debt you're paying will certainly dull the glow left by the party. That's not what you want to happen.

Mix up the guest list. Bring your old and new friends together. Introduce people who you think might have common interests. You can even play matchmaker if you like.

Just because you're all adults doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun. Party games aren't just for little children. Set your inner child free and have fun playing mature versions of parlor games. Have fun and quirky prizes ready for the lucky winners.

Keep your drinks selection simple. You don't have to have a full bar. Serve wine, both white and red and a signature cocktail. Serving selected drinks instead of having a full bar will keep the tab on drinks pretty low compared to having a full bar. Some of your guests may choose not to or may not be able to drink. Make sure you have drinks for them to enjoy.

If having the party catered is out of your budget and you can't cook all that well, why not host a potluck party instead? You can assign guests to bring a meat dish, vegetable dish, pasta or dessert. You will have to give up a certain level of control though. But remember, the best parties are filled with surprises. Don't worry too much and enjoy yourself.

Host the party at your home. This is the more cost effective alternative to renting the hotel ballroom for a gathering. By hosting at home, you also avoid the possibility of paying surcharges in case the party goes beyond the allotted hours. Good parties often last longer than expected.

Décor can really help set the party's mood. Appropriate décor can do so much in providing ambience. Don't go overboard with the décor though. Make creative use of existing knickknacks you have at home. Set a romantic, intimate mood with a candlelit dinner. Candles are always appropriate décor for parties. They're very versatile too. They can go from elegant to cheery to funky, depending on your creative juices.

Don't stress too much. Share the preparation with other friends. You can help them out the next time they have a party. Relax, and enjoy the party. No one wants a host or hostess all stressed out and unable to join in the fun.

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