Don't Be Banned From Farmville

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Are your Farmville crops withering? Are you losing much more funds than you gain? Are others prospering when you just can't get on the next level? Don't enable desperation get the best of you. Jabez Stone did and lived to regret it.

Jabez Stone was the farmer in "The Devil and Daniel Webster." When his farm was failing, he traded his soul to the devil in return for seven years of prosperity. Things were excellent until the day of reckoning came and it was time for Jabez to pay up.

There have been more than a few Farmville farmers who have observed that time of reckoning arrive and find their farms destroyed, their accounts banned. Why? Since via desperation or just plain greed, they sold their souls to the devil.

The devil in Farmville strategy land is someone who will support you cheat while in the online game. I'm not talking about Farmville ideas or a Farmville system, I mean real cheating. It can be done and it will get you banned.

Getting banned is especially bad should you have spent real cash trying to advance while in the video game. According to the official rules, "If your FarmVille account is banned, you are not eligible to get a refund or compensation for items which might be lost, as per our Terms of Service."

How can you get banned? You'll find three ways to get yourself banned.

1) Use a Farmville Hack or Bot

These is usually found online, normally for a cost, and involve making use of a third-party computer to control your farmer. You are able to attain high levels fast and earn massive amounts of coin in FarmVille quicker than the developers intended. Hacking involves making use of third-party software or web knowledge to expose elements of the video game that aren't supposed to be accessed and use them for your individual gain. This will get your account closed permanently.

2) Cheat at Farmville

FarmVille cheats contain sending unlimited gifts, earning coin and XP swiftly, earning a bigger farm faster, and exploiting neighbors. Cheating at FarmVille does takes skill, but it's possible and can swiftly get you banned from the online game.

3) Spam the Application Page

The application page is where Zynga, the developer, can post news for players about new developments. In case you repeatedly post the same details over and over to this web page, you could not just have your Farmville adventure banned but your entire Facebook account as well. Zynga watches this page closely due to the fact they prefer to know what players are thinking.

Jabez Stone was lucky, he got Daniel Webster to represent him in court. You won't be so lucky. Don't enable yourself get so desperate or so greedy that you'll be tempted to cheat.

So how do other farmers get their huge mansions and all the other goodies while you're struggling to move up one level? They know the secrets, the secrets that were leaked to certain elite players so they could be successful. You see, if there are wildly successful players, the rest of us will keep on playing and try to reach those levels. It's good for the makers of the game. And now you can get those same secrets, not cheats but legal secrets, at World's Fair Champion. Check it out today and don't waste another day with withered crops.

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