Donate to the Americans for Americans Fund and help feed starving families, who were affected by job

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Today you hear more and more about people all over America who are losing their jobs, homes, and their children are starving. Just the other night I was watching the news and actually saw a commercial for Feed the Children in America! Can you believe it? IN AMERICA! I grew about watching commercials about how children in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES are starving and need our help. Now, my fellow Americans it is happening in our own back yard!
I started the Americans for Americans Fund to touch REAL lives. People we actually know. How many times have you been asked to donate to one charity or another and never seen where your money actually goes? My charity gives 100% of the profits to real Americans. We find families that are affected by job loss and who have children and we pay their bills.
I am a mother of four children. My husband has a very well paying job we are not by any means rich, but we can still afford to pay bills and put food in our childrens mouth. One night I was working online and I saw that commercial for Feed the Children in America and I thought to myself, here I am sitting cozy in my home, working on my fancy computer, using my fancy internet, talking on my fancy phone, watching satellite and here there are children STARVING. Right then and there I started to do something about it. is going to take YOU and ME to help! So please go to cjmathis .com and donate NOW. Even one penny will help. We do all our transactions through Pay Pal. When you click the DONATE button then you will be directed to Pay Pal. If you already have a Pay Pal account then you can put in the amount you would like to DONATE, and sign in to your account. If you don't have a Pay Pal account then it is FREE to make one. So please let's pull together and see what we can accomplish for our people!

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