Does Santa Really Exist?

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Does Santa Really Exist?

There reaches a time in a child's life where the existence of Santa Clause needs to be proved, like alien life forms and the tooth fairy. Some parents eventually hold up their hands and say "Ok kiddo, Santa doesn't exist we've been lying to you for 8 years! Ha, ha! Sike!" Others will do anything to save their youngsters imaginative minds and do anything in their power to help their children collect evidence of Santa's chimney break in.

The decorated tree is surrounded by family Christmas gifts in budget store wrapping papers with various degrees of wrapping skill. A small coffee table is situated by the chimney breast, laden with a mince pie and brandy for Santa and of course a carrot for Rudolph. This set up was fine for most kids. They would hop down the stairs at 3am, too excited to sleep, see that a bite had been taken from the carrot, the brandy had been drunk and there were but a few crumbs on the mince pie plate. Santa had been, there was the proof, let's sit down and play Bamboozle on Teletext whilst waiting for kids TV to come on. Job done. Not for me. I needed hard evidence.

Whilst rummaging through my stocking fillers one Christmas Day I suddenly had a notion. What if mum and dad had eaten the mince pie and drunk the brandy? That still didn't explain the carrot, but the seed was now planted in my brain. Was Santa a sham? I queried my parents the following year and we dusted the fireplace with flour like I had seen on Inspector Gadget. A fool-proof plan to capture the very footprints of the big man himself.

It worked! There on Christmas morn was indeed the boot prints of Santa. My little mind was saved from any suspicious activity from my parents and I happily opened my Christmas presents and played with my A la Carte Kitchen with gusto. But what about the kids of today? Children of the millennium seem to be less taken in by stories of tooth fairies, Father Christmas and the Sandman. Have they lost the imaginative part of the brain that the 80's child revelled in? Sifted flour and mince pies are now no longer enough for today's kids, they need spy gadgets and booby traps. Thanks to watching Most Haunted and CSI Miami with mum and dad, a bite out of a carrot doesn't prove anything. They need DNA samples, ultra violet light scans and night vision footage. Christmas Coke Cola ads were enough proof at one stage, now we need to check the chimney for beard hair, red fibres and skin deposits.

So do we fuel this new age child with Christmas gifts such as Mini Spy Cameras and Digital Voice Recording Spy Pens to prove Santa's existence, or should we just tell them straight? How do you tell a child you have been lying to them for years? Do we carry on pretending that the guy who smells of Febreeze and wee in the shopping centre grotto really is Father Christmas? Yes, because Christmas is about gifts, eating, the Queens speech, annual trips to see family members you don't like and lying to your children about Santa to keep them happy.

Let them play detective, knock down their theories with magic and mystery. No evidence? Then you cannot be proven guilty either way. Carry on with the Christmas stocking fillers, carrots, pies and brandy…maybe hold up on the flour and let Santa always remain one of life's great mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle and Katie Price's dress sense.

Jessie Jones
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Jessie Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!

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