Does Artificial Insemination Cost A Lot?

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If you are considering undergoing an assisted reproductive treatment to increase your chances of conceiving, the first thing you should know is that it won't be cheap. Secondly, experts will tell you that there are absolutely no guarantees for artificial insemination to work.

How much does artificial insemination cost if you're using your husband's sperm?

By choosing to use your husband's sperm, you will be able to save an appreciable amount of money. By choosing to use the sperm of your husband and deciding not to have a surrogate mother, you are ensuring that your child is a product of both you and your husband's genes. Science just helped in having yours created and delivered safely.

The downside here is that even though your husband's sperm will be used without enlisting for the services of a surrogate mother, you will still have to end up paying around $300 for each cycle. In some cases, it could be as high as $700. If the sample obtained is not viable for any reason, then you will have to pay to have another cycle done.

How much does equipment and medication for artificial insemination cost?

The amount for these fees would be somewhere between $1,500 and $4,000. Note that the price is dependent on the clinic where you will be receiving treatment for artificial insemination. While smaller clinics may cost less than a hospital, a clinic based in New York City could charge higher amounts compared to a public hospital in Wyoming for the same treatment.

How much does artificial insemination cost in total?

Studies show that couples receiving this treatment would have to pay an average of $12,400 and that's just for one attempt of getting sperm and egg cells to meet.

How much can insurance companies reimburse you for?

This is dependent on where you are currently residing as well as which insurance company you have enrolled with. Some states, for instance, require coverage for artificial insemination but your policy's terms and conditions may state that only the cost of fertility medications would be covered and nothing else.

You could also look into less costly natural treatments that can help increase your fertility like acupuncture. They're not just affordable but entirely safe to try as well. These tips and methods have proven to work for many other women. Educating yourself about these methods can greatly help you in your journey to conceive.


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