Do You Want Something To Drink? Let The Stubby Coolers Keep It Cold

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There is not a single individual in the world who does not like to drink. Water, beer, juice, wine, smoothies, cocktail, just name it and it is 100 pc sure you will agree that we all need beverages of some sort or another. Our drinks also have to be at an appropriate temperature. Who enjoys drinking white wine without any slightest sign which it has been chilled?

One good thing, somebody from the past considered creating a device that would simultaneously keep our hands from the sub zeroed bottles and even keep the drink cold for a very long time.

Let us learn about the stubby coolers.

The History: Have you ever experienced a time where you are drinking an ice cold bottle of beer with nothing to cover your hand while holding it? It feels like freezing your hand straight to the bones, right? Thatís one of the many reasons why the stubby cooler was invented.

Thanks to Malcom Lock who had the bright idea of creating these little buddies out of a waste disposal problem. In 1972, Malcom contemplated on disposing of a substantial amount of neoprene rubber but due to his business oriented mind, he came up with a "stubby cooler" just to save the neoprene materials.

The Science behind Stubby Coolers: Stubby coolers are made with neoprene rubber which is a synthetic rubber which is able to trap the internal temperature while protecting it from the outside temperature. Wetsuits are the most common and popular application or use of neoprene rubber. It is light and buoyant, resistant to chemicals, waterproof, stretchable, and even resilient to abrasion, making it an ideal match in keeping the bottles right where they have to be without losing the drinkable temperature.

The Stubby Cooler Race: Stubby coolers differ based on how you want them to work for your drinks. You may select from stubby coolers with base, these types of stubby coolers are easy to use as you only need to slip in your bottle or glass on top. The standard flat pack is collapsible, it could easily fit anywhere even in your pockets so you can take it out and have something to hold your drink just in case you choose to have one. The slap and wrap uses a one click system with a stretched and a little curved metal wrapped inside the neoprene rubber that facilitates the stubby cooler to wrap itself around the bottle after it is bent.

The Evolution: There used to be just one style of stubby coolers, as they previously only served one purpose. These days, they serve more than just keeping your bottles cold for drinking. Style and signature, some drinkers will like to have their stubby coolers matched to their personality, thus, personalised stubby coolers are well anchored in the market these days. Design, few drinkers simply want to bring their inner artistic souls to be shown by adding mood and personality to their stubby coolers or like to have photos of their business on them. It is your own stubby, you can have it the way you want it.

Having said all that, will you still choose to kill the nerves on your hand whilst drinking your ice cold drinks? You decide.
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