Do You need To have Actiive Cellular Phone Service In Order To Get Deleted Text?

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Many people believe that the only way they can recover and read their deleted text messages in though their telco service provider. But this is simply not true. As long as you have the phone in your hand you can submit it for a forensic examination to recover all the deleted information from the internal memory of the cell phone.

A forensic examination can recover a great deal of information that is stored on the internal memory of the cell phone. Deleted text messages, pics, call logs even location tracking information can be recovered from certain models of cellular phones. All of this can be accomplished without the phone service being turned on or even contacting the service provider in any way.

Any time you use your cell phone it creates a digital footprint in the memory of the device. Anything that is stored digitally and later deleted can be undeleted. As long as the unallocated space has not been overwritten by new data. So if you want to have deleted data recovered it's wise to stop using the device and ship it off to a qualified forensic lab for recovery.

Most people seeking this kind of information are completely unaware of the possibilities. They think the only way to obtain this information is to call their cell phone service provider. If the phone service has been shut off they think the data is gone forever. Unfortunately many well meany bloggers on the Internet will repeat this misinformation expounding on the urban legend.

Even worse is that very often if you contact the customer service dept of your cell phone provider they will also tell you it's impossible to recover deleted text messages. They may even tell you the only way to obtain such information such as call log records is with a court ordered subpoena. Even for your own information. But the fact is that all you need is the phone and a qualified forensic examiner to recover the deleted data and reduce that data to a report.

If you need to recover deleted data it's best to consult with a private investigator that is also a digital forensic consultant. These are the people with the experience to know what kind of da can be recovered bya forensic examination of the device and whtknd of information has to be obtained from he cellular phone service provider.


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