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Where a man can be skinny or fat, a woman can be skinny, slim, well-proportioned, voluptuous, curvaceous, buxom or plump. With so many looks for men to choose from, when it comes to the kind of women they'd like to date, they can be fussy. How, then, will you know that you're the type of woman that your man will be interested in? Here are some ways to help you determine the answer to this question.

Look at his ex-girlfriends

Although it may hurt your pride, one of the best ways to know if you look like your man's type is to look at his ex-girlfriends. Most men admit that their ex-girlfriends have had some physical trait in common and it can be anything from having wavy hair or nice legs to being shorter or buxom. If he shows you his photo album, take note of the kind of clothes his ex-girlfriends wore - if they all wore short skirts or dresses, then he might be the kind of man who likes a woman to have nice legs; if they all showed their cleavage, he probably likes buxom women.

How does he like you to dress?

This question is easier to answer when you're already in a relationship because you'll be in a position to watch out for these clues:

When does he compliment you on what you wear?

Take him shopping with you and observe the type of clothes he suggests you wear.

When he is checking out other women (which you know he does), note what they're wearing.

Keep trying various outfits until you hit the look that makes him sit up and take notice. If you're comfortable with the look, then expect him to take an active interest in you very soon.

If you're not yet dating, you could be brave and ask the man you're interested in, outright, about how he likes his girlfriend to dress. Some men can be specific about everything from a woman's breast size and eye colour to the cut of her jeans and choice of hair accessories. Beware that, since he's this choosy, you might find it hard to keep up with his demands.

Immediately after a baby is born, his skin is soft and sensitive, and his coloring may alarm you. If he has a purple cast to his skin, this is likely to be from blood vessels that show through skin that is still thin. Other babies have a faint yellow cast to their skin, a sign of jaundice which is common in newborns. Your baby may also have tiny raised bumps that will eventually go away after a few weeks.

Bathing a Newborn

During the first couple of weeks of a baby's life, you may choose to sponge bathe her with a damp cloth rather than submerge her in water-at least until her umbilical cord falls off on its own. You don't need to use soap. Use plain water to gently wipe her off, starting with her face, her scalp, and the rest of her body. Take extra care around the sensitive genital area.

After her umbilical cord has fallen off, you'll probably find that washing her in the kitchen sink is easier than bending over a bathtub. If you can afford one, purchase a plastic baby bathtub that will hold her in a semi-reclining position and make it easier to bathe her by holding her in place. Wet babies are slippery, so if you have to hold her up, get another adult to assist so you can keep both hands on the baby to prop her up. Choose a mild soap formulated for babies.

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