Do you long to be a Sexy Chic Mom?

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My Top Tips on Must Dos!

1.)Do start to put yourself first, get out of your own way, put the laundry basket down and head straight to the mirror! Look into your eyes and ask yourself "Am I putting my best self forward?" If not "Why?" Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to comb your hair, or paint your toes? Do you really believe you do not have TIME to put something else on? A simple sundress and flip-flops with painted toes can go a long way-and just as easy as throwing on sweats mind you.

2.)Use EVERY excuse in the book to be SEXY. Yes you can be sexy in the carpool lane, yes you can be sexy at your kids t-ball game. Here is a quick secret that will change your mommy mind set immediately. When you are in public I want you to think to yourself (no need to say it out loud ;) "I am sexy and I know you want me, I could drive you wild!" Feel free to make eye contact if you wish, be strong and confident. This is so much FUN and it is AMAZING to see heads turn as you are meditating your secret mantra.

3.)Give up on the resentment. It is old and it doesn't work. I don't care that you are home with the kids and your husband is working lalala. Get over it and DO something about it. The number one thing that will kill any chance of you becoming a sexy mom is resentment (not to mention your marriage.)

4.)Start surprising your spouse and yourself! One of the secrets my husband and I have when it comes to our marriage is that we do nice things for each other -with NO strings attached! For example, this week has been a bit draining on us and Monday night my husband was EXHAUSTED! I told him to go to bed early and that I would take care of the kids and put them to bed. Not because poor me little mommy was going to be resentful and have one up on him, but because I know that adding to that bucket will ONLY benefit our relationship and our family. I did it because I wanted to make him feel better, remember you got married because you love each other? And would you believe it, I woke up today with a sore throat? My hubbie picked the kids up from school, took care of dinner, and I spent the entire night in bed! It is a beautiful thing when you remember you are here to help and not HURT each other! This basic principle will make you a sexy mom by default, because you are in a confident secure relationship with yourself and your spouse.

5.)Wear black lace panties when it is that time of the month! Yep that's right! No more of this period underwear, I am sick of hearing it! Black is crucial during this time and make it lacey. It will cover any leakage (sorry for the visual) but it will still allow you to feel sexy. Why would you, during the time of the month when you feel the most bloated and unattractive, put a pair of panties on that make you feel worse? Let's see… I'm fat and miserable so I guess it's time for the big white, tight britches that hug my rear and look like a straight jacket? Nope throw them out-black lace panties are your new best friend.

6.)Spend quality time with your kids. You know as moms we run around and feel like we need to be everything to everyone. We have to pick up, drop off, make dinners, read stories, do baths…and the list goes on right? Have you ever asked your kids WHAT they like doing with you? The answer may surprise you! When I ask my kids this question their answer is "Mommy we love it when you play tag with us!" Do you hear that? NOT the movies, or Disneyland, or bowling, or buying toys…Listen to your kids and spend the kind of time with them that THEY want, that is what makes it quality-not what you think they want! That is a sexy chic mom.

7.)Slow the hell down. Turn off the autopilot and ask yourself 'Why did I become a mother?" Spend five minutes journaling non-stop and answer this question. Then look over your answer. Are you participating in Motherhood the way you wanted to? Are you fulfilling your own dreams about being a mom? Or are you answering society's expectations of what a mother should be? A sexy mom remembers WHY and then owns that, making sure she is fully aware of her role.

8.)Ok this is a fun one. Buy a black wrap dress, a casual one-this is one of my favorites I want you to pick an occasion when you would typically wear something "frumpy" perhaps your child's t-ball game for example. I want you to wear your little black wrap dress, you can make it casual with a pair of flip flops. Pull your hair back in a pony tail or bun (it takes two seconds for goodness sake) et Voila! I want you to see how EASY it can be to be sexy and chic. Now if you want to get really crazy incorporate number 2 on this list and see what happens to your confidence! I do this all the time, ok now I am letting out all my little secrets!:)

Enjoy! I would of course love to hear your stories as you incorporate these tips!

With love and beauty always.

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