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Are you familiar with the annoying sensation of painful eczema? You are not the only one! About 20 % of the whole world's population suffers from dermatitis, better known as eczema, a irritation characterized by very dry, red and scaly patches appearing on face, neck and upper trunk. A high percentage of the affected people have a predispositions to skin disorders.

Reasons may be: advanced age, weak immune system and therefore too few antibodies to fight bacteria, which appear in high numbers all around us without being visible, immune defects causing allergic reactions to some substances or too much exposure to the sun (the UV irradiation is very unhealthy).

These factors put together cause damage to the protective thin greasy skin layer on top of the skin (the hydrolipid layer). Consecutively the skin dries out and its defense system will become weaker causes the eczema. Further irritants of one's environment like very hot temperature, unnatural fabrics or chemical ingredients found in almost all hair products and soaps lead to more irritation of the eczema. It can become so bad as to produce painful pus-filled pustules, which can open up and ooze. The skin is constantly inflamed and because of that the quality of your life is quite reduced. Baseball-lovers suffering from eczema say their skin's irritation gets much worse while playing the sport thereby necessitating an effective dry skin moisturizer.

Why baseball worsens eczema:

* High body temperature due to team uniform and body exercise leading to excessive sweating, which causes humidity. The eczema becomes worse because it is stressed by the humidity and the salt in the sweat. Sweat is a main factor causing the eczema to get much worse and also additional pain and itchy sensations when playing baseball.

* Exposure to the sun dries out the facial skin and ultraviolet rays are sickening it more.

* Baseball uniforms made of synthetic material which restrain the skin from breathing.

Too hot baths, showering using common chemical cosmetic soaps, bathing in pools full of chlorine and hard rubbing of the skin with woolly fabrics after engaging in baseball are further reasons for inflammation of the eczema. In many dressing rooms, public showers or swimming pools there are a lot of bacteria which can cause serious infection on the damaged skin.

So all things that irritate and dry out the skin will cause further difficulties. factors, especially the genetic factor - it is immutable. The aim is to decrease the avoidable factors in order to reduce the itch, suppress inflammation, moisturize and alleviate the skin.

There are different ways to solve this problem without quitting baseball:

First of all, keep a good skin care, this means: take a shower only once a day. Do not wash or bath very long in very hot water. Brushes should not be used. Avoid using artificially perfumed or colorized cosmetic soaps or any cosmetics containing alcohol, acids or hydroxides. To dry yourself do not use rough materials and pat the skin gently dry - no hard rubbing.

Experts recommend the use of entirely biological skin care products for optimal dermatitis treatment. They do not dry out the skin or cause more inflammations like commonly used cosmetic soaps containing lots of aggressive chemical substances. With natural skin care creams you will not suffer from any allergy or any kind of redness and itch , they provide an optimal balanced care, long-lasting relief from itching and keep the skin well moisturized. NATURE's way is always the best way!

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