Do The Home Kits Really Whiten The Teeth?

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Having your teeth whitened by laser is faster and much gentler then other methods. The procedure takes only 16 minutes with the gel formula on the teeth, compared to 60 minutes for non laser procedures. There is no tray involved, and you will not need to wear it during the night. The lasers that are used have more precise laser energy, which results in faster treatment time and less sensitivity after the fact. These advantages are a definite selling feature, but there are also some things to be aware of before making your decision to have your teeth laser whitened.

It is not recommended for heavy alcohol users to undergo this form of teeth whitening, as alcohol thins the blood and may cause adverse side effects to the whitening process. If you have porcelain restorations or other composites, they will be removed before the bleaching process and replaced with pieces to match your new shade of teeth. Pre-existing dental work such as crowns, veneers, bonding, bridges and fillings are not appropriate for bleaching. For those with existing cases of sensitivity, the teeth may become more sensitive, causing pain for 1-4 days after the procedure. The pain should ease over time and dissipate.For quick, painless and simple teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening is perhaps what you need. The biggest advantage of having laser teeth whitening is that it gives you instantaneous results. The dentist will first remove plaque then give your teeth the laser treatment to make them whiter.

Before giving your teeth the laser treatment, your dentist will apply gel to your teeth. The laser speeds up the teeth whitening process. Depending on the stain and discoloration of your teeth, the gel and laser may be applied on your teeth several times.

The expenses related to laser teeth whitening are much higher as compared to buying a teeth-whitening kit from your local store. Home teeth whitening kits can be bought for a few dollars.It has been medically proved that over a period of time, human teeth naturally become stained and dark. This happens due to the absorption of the so-called chromogenic agents. These agents are generally chemicals, dyes and additives which are found in beverages and food and lead to the discolouration of the teeth. Some of the common examples of these agents are red wine, tobacco, some sodas, coffee and tea. Apart from these food items, these agents are also found in certain medications like minocycline and tetracycline.

The teeth whitening system which are home based are actually similar to what are used by the dentists. It is similar in the way it uses the same set of peroxides which help in bleaching the colour of the teeth in an effective manner. One of the most popular methods of teeth bleaching at home includes a plastic tray which fits around teeth in a comfortable manner. This tray fitted around the teeth allows the peroxides to apply onto the enamel for a long period of time. You can even fix the tray and go off to sleep. Thus, it will completely soak into the enamel of the teeth overnight. The dentists, however, many more whitening system methods like laser tooth whitening, abrasive tooth whitening, mild acid whitening and bleaching.There are different types of teeth whitening procedures used by the dentists around the world.

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