Do Side by Side Refrigerator Benefit Kitchens?

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A side by side refrigerator can be found in many kitchens today. It is even becoming more affordable allowing it to start replacing a traditional refrigerator with a freezer on top and refrigerator on bottom.

These large appliances are attractive with many different styles and colors available, such as stainless steel, black and white. Keep in mind that most retailers charge more for the stainless steel option. It isn't difficult to find a style to find in any kitchen. All the features provided by side by side refrigerators have lead to the popularity and the look has added to the desire to use them. They have a sturdy interior with large shelves with strong rail in each door. One side of the unit is for refrigerator items and the other side is for freezer items. Many have found this type of refrigerator is better organized allowing them to find items quicker. Each side has several shelves inside as well as a drawer or two in the bottom.

The typical size of a side by side refrigerator is 15.8 cubic feet for the refrigerator size and the freezer has at least 9.8 cubic feet. These units are the perfect option for a large family's food storage needs. The units are energy efficient as well and often cost less than $100 a year to operate.

Several features can be found with these refrigerators, such as on the door panels of these units usually have an ice and water dispenser. Sometimes inside there are deep bins that have temperature control, such as for a beverage compartment that chills drinks perfectly. Other options have beverage racks or bottle caddies included. The shelves in these units are often adjustable and can be glass or wired. Also, other drawers, such as a vegetable drawer, have temperature control as well. The freezer is similar in design with bins along with several shelves that are most often wire.

A side by side refrigerator also has the plus of the actual door design. They are often shorter and narrower than a traditional door. This allows more room around the door when it is opened. The doors are not as wide or bulky. Keep in mind to not just purchase a refrigerator for looks, but because it is functional and has the space available for what you need. These make great additions to any kitchen and if you have a small budget or moving into an apartment, these can help you use the same space effectively.

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